k'nex- handle pump gun

power: 8/10  (can have sometime a weak shot)
accuracy handle: 7/10
accuracy iron sight: 8.5/10

Great gun
Pretty good. Keep working on it an it will improve. I do like your pump though.... It reminds me of my qcw-05, don't copy it though I it will make your gun worse! LOL =) <br>(It's so bad I'm laughing at it!) <br>
Not too terrible. But i'd add a pin-guide to the gun to prevent it from bending, and most importantly use a black rod as a firing pin. And try using a different ammo. Not too many people have y-connectors to expend like that. I also agree with dr. richtofen, please reinforce the stock so it does not look so skeletal.
Looks good. But I recommend you to re-inforce the stock if you have pieces for that. It looks a bit flimsy (the row of yellow connectors above the grey rods)

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