this is my knex assault pistol. it's single shot, but incredibly powerful and uses a new top loading system. I used a slightley modified version of this trigger:
the body of the gun is very sturdy, and you can whack it agsainst a table with little or no damage to the gun (no promises on the table, though,)
 this is my first instructable, so please tell me what you think :)

very powerful
new loading system
true trigger

single shot
rubber bands sometimes break


yellow connectors: 26 
red connectors: 14
blue connectors: 2
green connectors: 4
gray connectors: 5
snowflakes: 6
light gray connectors: 2
orange connectors: 4 

white rods: 28
blue rods: 6
black (grey) rod: 1 
green rods: 50

 "exotic" peices: 
Y connectors: 13
tan clips: 2
blue clip: 1 
ball socket: 1

(credit to knex_builder_freak for the parts list)

well, lets get started then
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of handle
instructions 006.JPG
instructions 008.JPG
this is the hande. it's very comfortable.

1: make two
2: make one
3: combine

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of trigger
instructions 024.JPG
instructions 026.JPG
instructions 028.JPG
this is the trigger. build these and then put them aside for later

Step 4: Barrel reinforcment

Picture of barrel reinforcment
this is what makes the gun so strong. build three. sorry for the blurry pics.

Step 5: Extra bits

Picture of extra bits
these are for looks and for strength. build two.

Step 8: Yay!

okay, you're finished building. have fun!
danroy993 years ago
Pretty good. 4.5* from me. Would be 5*, it's just it was SO hard to build with all of those blurry pics! But I finally built it and it's great. Good job.
nickpkcin (author) 3 years ago
I am currently working on integrating a white rod mag into this gun, giving it a stock, and making it into sort of an assault rifle. Any suggestions on what to work on next?
cool but why did you say it was heavy which is not
Nice, but this isn't exactly what I'd call "heavy". Then again, I've used a shortened version of the Park 52 as a sidearm and a stockless, slightly shortened version of the Heavy Crossbow as a pistol...
Seleziona4 years ago
looks good!
Vynash4 years ago
:D Connectors 26 yellow connectors 14 red connectors 2 blue connectors 4 green connectors 5 gray connectors 6 snowflakes 2 Lt grays 4 orange connectors Rods. 28 white rods 6 blue rods 1 black rod 50 green rods "Exotic" 13 Y connectors 2 tan clips 1 blue clip 1 ball socket
nickpkcin (author)  Vynash4 years ago
It's a great gun :)
Vynash4 years ago
I have 4 #64 rubber bands on and this thing is SO EPIC!!!!!!! Defiantly worth 5*s and a favorite :) thanks for the gun man!
DJ Radio4 years ago
Needs a bullet lock. Take the breech loading out.
Breech-loading is faster than muzzle-loading, and a bullet lock would reduce power, though it might be more practical.
Personally, its faster only if you're reloading a mag fed gun from the side or the bottom like on Bakenbitz's ZKAR.
I'd rather just place a round in the back of a gun instead of having to turn it around, put a round in the barrel, and have to shove it all of the way down the barrel. I think breech-loading id faster for this kind of single-shot.
You don't have to turn it around. You can just shove it in from the front.
Whatever. I just like breech-loaders more than muzzle-loaders. And how would you shove it down the barrel if it is facing away from you?
Best first instructable I've seen. 5*. Although I'm saving my pieces for a project that I'm going to do.
MegaMetal84 years ago
pretty cool
Vynash4 years ago
Great! 5*s!
exactly how powerful is but a hole in a wal powerful or meh just powerful.
nickpkcin (author)  altair ibn la ahad4 years ago
sorta depends on how many rubber bands you put on it. it really hurts, though.
TheChemiker4 years ago
Seems to be a pretty good pistol.
~KGB~4 years ago
looks great!
this looks pretty good.