Picture of knex heavy assault pistol: the pounder
instructions 004.JPG
this is my knex assault pistol. it's single shot, but incredibly powerful and uses a new top loading system. I used a slightley modified version of this trigger:
the body of the gun is very sturdy, and you can whack it agsainst a table with little or no damage to the gun (no promises on the table, though,)
 this is my first instructable, so please tell me what you think :)

very powerful
new loading system
true trigger

single shot
rubber bands sometimes break


yellow connectors: 26 
red connectors: 14
blue connectors: 2
green connectors: 4
gray connectors: 5
snowflakes: 6
light gray connectors: 2
orange connectors: 4 

white rods: 28
blue rods: 6
black (grey) rod: 1 
green rods: 50

 "exotic" peices: 
Y connectors: 13
tan clips: 2
blue clip: 1 
ball socket: 1

(credit to knex_builder_freak for the parts list)

well, lets get started then
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of handle
instructions 006.JPG
instructions 008.JPG
this is the hande. it's very comfortable.

1: make two
2: make one
3: combine

Step 2: Barrel

Picture of barrel
instructions 011.JPG
instructions 013.JPG
instructions 019.JPG
instructions 022.JPG
instructions 040.JPG
This is the barrel. it's pretty simple.

1: build two
2: build
3: build
4: combine
5: add

Step 3: Trigger

Picture of trigger
instructions 024.JPG
instructions 026.JPG
instructions 028.JPG
this is the trigger. build these and then put them aside for later

Step 4: Barrel reinforcment

Picture of barrel reinforcment
this is what makes the gun so strong. build three. sorry for the blurry pics.

Step 5: Extra bits

Picture of extra bits
these are for looks and for strength. build two.

Step 6: Assembly and rubber bands

putting together what we have built so far, and putting on the rubber bands.

Step 7: Loading

Picture of loading
instructions 052.JPG
instructions 053.JPG
instructions 054.JPG
how to load the gun

Step 8: Yay!

okay, you're finished building. have fun!