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Introduction: Knex High Mod Car

About: i have gave up on knex i didnt have any reason to cary on which seems to be a reocouring theme im life at the moment anyways i got a facebook acount mainly because of lonleness and i heard they had videogame...

hi this is my new knex car/jeep thing it does work it has an mg,canon,plow and track system thanks to legofantic and his track system .buy the way I will post if I get 2 requests to go.easy please iys my first Instructables. if you can't see the slidshow pictures of it are in comments .for the instructables for this car type in knex high mod jeep or klick



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    EPIC car with wheels.
    AMAZING tank/tracked vehicle. please post instructions NOW!!!

    Thanks for giving me Credit. By the way, My treds were made to be used on a bigger vehicle but I'm glad you like them.

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