hi this is my new knex car/jeep thing it does work it has an mg,canon,plow and track system thanks to legofantic and his track system .buy the way I will post if I get 2 requests to go.easy please iys my first Instructables. if you can't see the slidshow pictures of it are in comments .for the instructables for this car type in knex high mod jeep or klick here.www.instructables.com/id/knex-high-mod-jeep/
<p>epic 5*</p>
EPIC car with wheels. <br>AMAZING tank/tracked vehicle. please post instructions NOW!!!
Sweet!!!!! good job!!!!! 4stars<br />
thanks im glad you like it<br /> <br />
your wecome<br />
thanks do u think i should post<br /> <br />
k posting 1 of feb<br /> <br />
cool! thats my birthday!
great good for u its my bithrday prez for u<br />
<strong>does that ting hve an engine</strong>
yes<br /> <br />
Thanks for giving me Credit. By the way, My treds were made to be used on a bigger vehicle but I'm glad you like them.
great<br />
did nt now u where a member<br />
&nbsp;Tom ill subscribe to you to make you happy
yahh what does subscribing to me do<br />
&nbsp;when u post something it will notify him.<br /> i subscribed to u! subscribe me back :)
ok<br />
&nbsp;Thomas Look At My Picture Yeah Its Better Than Yours Yours Is A Head
<img alt="" class="library-tt-img" src="../../../files/deriv/F8X/XE4V/G4PC3CRL/F8XXE4VG4PC3CRL.SMALL.jpg" />
&nbsp;COOOOOL 5 stars
&nbsp;Tom Upload a picture for your user
going to going to be revolver album cover<br />
the pictures don't show up right here, could you post them in a comment<br />
sure<br />
&nbsp;If we were playing gods playing field it would get crushed&nbsp;
who plays god question mark ps had o say question mark because i dont now how to on my key boad<br />
just did u see them<br /> <br />
yeah, pretty nice though I don't really like those tanklike wheels on it<br />
ok they where just extra <br />
&nbsp;Thomas hi its bad its my andrew
why oh why andrew well ill look at the stuff u posted ohhhh<br />
&nbsp;Ok I said should i do laser microphones and lego frag grenades
thank u by way your knex m4 is awsome<br />
no problem! thanks! at least someone likes it lolz!

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