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hi this is my new pistol it has a rail barel .sorry the triger is not very can shoot at least 13 1/2 meteres. i am not liable for anything you do with it . serusly would not advise shooting any one with it also would not sharpen

Step 1:

parts count
24 yellow conecters
4 red conecters
3 green conecters
6 orange conecters
29 green rods
21 white rods
6 blue rods
2 yellow rods

Step 2:

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 make two

Step 3:

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the assembly of the brarell

Step 4:

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Step 5:

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loading and firing


antoman11 (author)2010-11-12

Protip: you might wanna add pictures where you can actually see whaT you have to do...

KNEXFRANTIC (author)antoman112010-11-13

Sorey my first gun instructables i kind of gave up on knex im doing videos on you tube know

corzknex (author)2010-01-29

its cool

~KGB~ (author)2010-01-26


KNEXFRANTIC (author)~KGB~2010-01-26

thanks its got a low range but high power

~KGB~ (author)KNEXFRANTIC2010-01-26


KNEXFRANTIC (author)~KGB~2010-01-26


~KGB~ (author)KNEXFRANTIC2010-01-26

no problem!

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Bio: i have gave up on knex i didnt have any reason to cary on which seems to be a reocouring theme im life at the ... More »
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