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Introduction: Knex High Powered Rifle

this is a very high powered knex gun with very good accuracy i am not responsibal for any injures do to this gun. as for it is power ful it shoots through a card board box from 10ft awaywith diffrent ammo the ammo is just a sharpend knex rod OR take off the grey connecter. i also made a knex gun/cross bow/bow wall mount from thumb taks and knex... should i post?

Step 1: Barrel

this is the barrel... it is pretty self explanatory

Step 2: Butt of the Gun

in the butt of the gun you can put spacers on the blue rods to give it more support

Step 3: The Stock

this is the stock of the gun to add support you can add orange or yello connecters to the rods going horozontally

Step 4: Trigger

you can add spacers on the blue rod connecting the trigger to the gun

Step 5: Firing Pin

the firing pin is just like the one on the m16 it is a grey rod with 2 grey conncters running along the barrel support i put a orange connecter(seen in image 1) on there to guid it even better

Step 6: Ammo...

woot woot woot almost done time to make the ammo and put the gun together... a tip for rubber bands put equal pressure on the top and bottem. the little handle is self explanitory(will put on the updated handle soon have fun!

pic 1: ammo
pic 2& 3:add the triger look at the bands
pic 4: the whole gun

Step 7: Loading and Firing

to load pull back firing pin
load ammo in rifle
pull trigger
then reapeat

... cominng soon knex gernade with a really big explosion ...(15feet of carnage)



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all of it is a frame with a stock. got my to shoot through tissue paper point blank. Not bad though,

post gun you where talkin about

it looks kool, my guns suck

pretty nice looking gun though i dont know what the rubberband is for in pic 2.

the stock is the butt of the rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dang, nice it looks like an uzi to me. -) oh no! i have one eye

should i post my alakan shadow knex gun???


dont ask just post.