Knex Hk-ump45 Gun





Introduction: Knex Hk-ump45 Gun

pictures of my gun i made ages ago sorry it taken this long for me get it out properly.



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    Seems cool ! have a prob with its look and the scope dude ! looks bad ! Still looks great

    The dunki's is much better but i like your folding stock but it doesnt realy a ump 45 anymore

    the dunkis ump-45 is so much better

    if u set a scope on it maybe it is a cool sniper but good job

    looks cool but to be honest,
    the dunkis's is way better
    but his doesnt have a folding stock!!!!

    instructions now!

    Post this show some instructions plz looks great it will be on the top of my list of making guns from this site, looks prtty simple too wont take much photos i think Great gun!! look forward to building it! :)

    cool really good I give you a score of 10/10

    I congradulate you on this 5 stars

    are u gunna post this? i wpould really love to be able top build it

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    im sorry i destroyed it just over a year ago. and it had absolutely now power in it anyway = 3 elastic bands for about 30cm.also the mag didnt work. =[

    (The carpet really hurts the pictures though.)

    whats wrong with slide shows. if he posted as an Instructable, you'd moan. if he posted as a forum topic, less people would look at it as it doesn't come up as related topics. I don't understand your argument and I doubt its a good one. prove me wrong....

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    kill-bot1 stop using caps, and actually used periods!?!?!?!?!?!?

    looks like an m16