Knex Interchangable Parts Gun Model




Introduction: Knex Interchangable Parts Gun Model

my brother tried to create his own knex gun model but failed. i took his design, added a trigger, stalk, barrel, and clip. i took it all apart again and discovered that it still looked sweet with different combos of parts. it doesnt shoot anything but i think you will like it for pretend gun fights or anything else.

Step 1: Different Gun Combos

a few of my favorite part combos

Step 2: Gun Base

the "main" part to all the gun combos... and the pistol on the first step

Step 3: Extended Barrel

a longer barrel
this part might be a bit hard
if you have any ?s, please ask

Step 4: Clip

drum clip for fun reloading action. yay!
just layer the parts as shown

Step 5: Stalk

base layer, gray spacer, base layer, gray spacer ,base layer
that's all there is to it

Step 6: Hand Guard

futuristic hand guard doohickey
very simple

Step 7: ?s

if you have any ?s for me about the gun, please leave a comment below.



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    Nice, you should try and get a straight clip instead of a drum clip.

    2 replies

    Ive tried straight clips and they just look weird and are really hard to look decent.

    its a modle and littel amount of people make modles... unless it shoots

    true it is a model, and that is what it is

    i know...

    i put it on instructables so i could scrap it 4 parts.