i am not fully done with this but i am making progress tell me what you think please rate and comment
is it legal in a knex war?
dude! Howd u do the hinges & boots? I hav an ok hinge, but cant figer it out. ive bin tryin 2 make sumtin lik tis 4 ages, but havnt figerd it out yet, pkz reply soon!
pleas make
can u show how to make them
How high can you achieve with 1% thrust capacity? Lol. You're Iron Man!<br><br>I might try making from the pics.
try incorperating the iron man jet boots and iron man helmet mark 2 <br>
Nice, the mask could use a little work though, but everything else is good. You can try using a few of my ideas from my mask.
&nbsp;damn that takes a hell of alot hinges :P
would be even more sweet if u attached some more guns on the arms and made a chest plate and attached some shoulder guns like in the movie
pretty cool! i am surprised no one did this before.
thanks :D
very good but the mask could use some work<br />
LoL you made a FOOT out of K'nex!! <br />
<p>very nice. you have given me the idea to make&nbsp; a concealable knex gun that is mounted on ur arm, like AC2.&nbsp; 4.5*</p>
Please finish and post-since I have a lot of knex, my brother asked me to build an iron man suit after he saw Ironman. You could mount a bazooka or machine gun on the arms.
sorry bud it long gone<br />
i had to stop the project do to lack of certain pieces sorry
can you post what you have done<br /> <br />
ah well........
this looks alot like the early build of the mark 2 armor
jesus that is alot of pieces and hinges but realy cool
awwwwww me have none hinges
Awesomeness on the highest grade. Best ever for sure.
thanks :)
Sweet. Totally post.
sweet i would post if i was you (once done)
i am just going to make a full one side so i can save some knex
i tried to make some things like that years before but i gave up because i would end up making it too tight or too loose and when that happened things started hurting and i really doubt anything productive would have come out of that. ha ha xD
god youve got a lot of hinges me have none=(<br/>

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