this is a jet that i made by making something simple and adding hella pieces to it and came out nice
<p>looks like two knex guns stuck onto a stick- nice! 4 1/2 *</p>
that looks like luke skywalkers x wing <br>
You know with a little modification this looks just like soundwave. If I manage to do that of the pics here can I post that??
Sure :D
Youre my 1300 comment :D
Are the bands there to hold it together or there for some functionality?
Good to hear from you lowney, and its just there to hold some part together to keep a cool shape =|
p<br /> po<br /> pos<br /> post<br /> post N<br /> post NA<br /> POST&nbsp;NAO<br /> post NA<br /> post N<br /> post <br /> pos <br /> po<br /> p
its been gone for like ever<br />
oh ok then thx for saying
did that sound mean, if so, im sorry, lol
don't worry about it. I do the same thing all the time, I meant cannibalize my creations to make other creations
it looks a bit like a black bird
lol<br />
Pretty cool. 4.0
thanks<br />
Cool!!!! post?
sorry, taken apart. making something else. sorry<br />
why did you add those rubberbands?<br />
to keep some pieces in place<br />
OK cool<br />
With some modding to the front, this could easily be a transformer.<br />
lol, that wasnt really my intention<br /> <br />
It looks a bit like Megatron (in the first movie).<br />
Cool! I like that the wings are in the back of the jet.<br />
&nbsp;Sweet model! I agree with chopstx, the wings look great.&nbsp;Especially&nbsp;from behind.
nice! 5*
Cool!<br /> <br /> I like the way you angled the wings! 5*

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