Knex Kurigamas





Introduction: Knex Kurigamas

these are weapons from ninja gaiden 2

Step 1: The Chain

build as many as you need but not too much or will fall off (or you can build something that will work better

Step 2: The Head

self explanatory

Step 3: The Tail

this is how the kuri-gamas are about to be complete

Step 4: Put It Together

pic 1
tail and chain together
pic 2 chain and head together
pic 3
all of it put together

Step 5: Disclaimer

im not responsible for things being broken so dont sue me



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    1. u look ugly in your picture. thats why people show the knex not their fat face.
    2. handle sucks, tip breaks alot, chain sucks,
    3. u spelled it wrong..
    4.go copy some1elses urs sucks!

    ur so uglyyyyyy eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    nice fail its kusarigama not kurigamas and its one weapon not 2 plus its not just from ninja gaiden

    nice flail...the spike on the end is kinda weird...2.5 my rate. check out my flail!

    1 reply

    dude it isn't a flail its a weapon that is meant for multiple targets to take out at once not like a flail flails take out one at a time. they are easier than the kusarigama's to use.

    if u put copter at the end of somting it means its super duper uber super funny

    i couldnt find the instructables but thx for the idea on the chain

    Everything is great except for the needle on the end. I would make it out of knex instead of bendy rods.

    2 replies

    relax, I'm only a grammar nazi when it comes to weapons.....

    omg i cants spellz so stop coreections ing me ahhhhhhhhhhhh

    It's KuriSARIgama, not Kurigama.