Knex L96a1





Introduction: Knex L96a1

this is my knex replica of the accuracy international l96a1 it features effectively the same firing system as my knex R700, but has been modified to fit into the body of an l96a1, the scope is the same old scope as i am no good at making scopes. the gun has a fake bolt on it, its not necessary but adds some authenticity to the gun. the gun was made more as a model but is quite reliable and has a fair range depending on the elastic bands you use.

looks good
fair range
low ammount of pieces
fair accuracy
low friction
light weight

long reload time
scope sometimes jams the round
the barrel is flexible

over all the gun has a fair ammount of range accuracy and is usualy reliable. Black ops DID NOT give me any
inspiration so dont accuse me of being a black ops player another thing is that as soon as I bought my airsoft l96 that it was very badly made



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    post it. id like to make the black ops version, please.

    well, I haven't touched Knex in like......well it seems like 2 years, but I dont think it is! but it feels like ages, and I guess I haven't actually posted anything yet......and I did like this gun......but its not very realistic, and it is quite unreliable, and quite flexible, but.....I might do it and improve, yeah alright, give me a few weeks, and I'll start today

    I swear if knex was just as popular as Black ops the L96 would be overdone just like the number of Machinima gameplay/commentaries.

    sorry but i hate black ops its just i wanted a crack at this gun as i think it is used by british snipers and it looks better than the m24 or r700 or the m107

    Heh. I figured a bunch of people would be trying the L96 since Black Ops has that gun in the game.

    u r smart. how did u know:)

    no i made the gun for a challenge and also a race to see who could make the best knex sniper rifle

    Holy long barrel.

    Surely your scope on your airsoft l96 was blocking the bolt in that position?