This is the gun from the forum I posted a while ago.
It has a new way of being built.
This is because the mag is behind the handle, and still works fine.
Don't forget to comment and rate it please.

Step 1: The Stock.

A new stock of my own invention.

Step 2: The Mag


Curved and working.
It loads blue rods from the bottom.
The pusher is a red rod, with a yellow connector perpendicularly attatched at one end, with an orange connector at the other.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is where the bullet enters the chamber.

Step 4: Scope

This is a scope. Have you ever soon one before?

Step 5: The Handle

Yes, the rubber bands are necasser.

Step 6: The Part

That is so called Mr. barrel.

Very frictiony :)

Step 7: The Front Bit

Which doesn't yet have a name.

Step 8: Connections

This is where you put the gun together.
Any issues, pm me.

Step 9: Rubber Bands And

Any other pictures I have left over.
These pictures show where the rubber bands go and what you may want to add, if your trigger is slightly un-reliable.
whats this guns range?
sweet IW-80-A2
IW-80-A2 is just a fake name that socom named the l85 cus they didnt wanna pay to call it the l85
either that or the SA- 80. and besides it shows up on the search tab of sites when you put my THAT name in
you should try make a styer aug using the same mechanism and enter in my contest
You mean one of these?
stg 77?
yep, Steyr AUG A3
no idea 8)
well ye but the a1 version its much better looking
More like this one?
yep thats what im talking aabout thats some dam fine weaponry there
Good news then. All I have left to do is the barrel and the front handle and the stock, well. Half of it anyway.
to start off, just build the TAR-21 an mod off of that
Ahhhhh. I see, well. I'll a get to it.
IF i made this gun, (and thats a big if) i would shorten the gun whenever possible, i'm a big fan of bull pup rifles, and a big fan of the l98 its self, but that l98 u got there my friend, does not look anything like a l98 except for the pull pup design.
sort of reminds me of an sa-80?
The L98 is a cadet variant of the L85, or Sa80.
do you mean cadet like carbine?
Er, no. That would be just a little bit of an error...
What do you mean?
I mean it would be an error to think I meant carbine by cadet.
what do you mean by cadet, then?
A cadet is a soldier in training.
I know that, but I think he meant something else by saying it
standard assault rifle of the British Army
Yes, the L85 is. Not the L98, if that's what you meant.
I meant the L85, because you were talking about it
u need to fix ur pants
u need to fix ur speling nd gramer
lol. nice gun by the way.
It isn't his.
then who's is it?
exactly, but you said it wasnt his
No, I said it wasn't Razzlekunai's.
oh, I thought you meant it wasn't J-chode's gun I didnt know you meant razzle
he did say that.
it's still cool
the stok is a tad 2 long but other than tht its v.good is the mag removable and does it work?
1. thanks 2. yes and yes
No, no. Not an L98 more of that Lee Enfield experimental bullpup from the fifties. here is a L98 (L85 or SA80)
This looks more like your creation, So I dub it the Enfield EM-2 (British experimental EM-2)
merci beaucoup
Ah! Youve done it then. Nice and long , like the real thing . I should know , ive used it. Very realistic, good looking and over all, an f***ing good gun, absolutely bloody excellent ! A 5, but i wish i could give it some more.
Thankyou very much indeed. Although, the real gun has some pullback system, where you pull some handle then release it, thus 'cocking' the gun. I attempted this, but it never worked.
this is an epic success you are one of the gods of knex
not really, mepain is way better than him but this gun is still awesome!

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