Knex L98





Introduction: Knex L98

This is the gun from the forum I posted a while ago.
It has a new way of being built.
This is because the mag is behind the handle, and still works fine.
Don't forget to comment and rate it please.

Step 1: The Stock.

A new stock of my own invention.

Step 2: The Mag


Curved and working.
It loads blue rods from the bottom.
The pusher is a red rod, with a yellow connector perpendicularly attatched at one end, with an orange connector at the other.

Step 3: The Barrel

This is where the bullet enters the chamber.

Step 4: Scope

This is a scope. Have you ever soon one before?

Step 5: The Handle

Yes, the rubber bands are necasser.

Step 6: The Part

That is so called Mr. barrel.

Very frictiony :)

Step 7: The Front Bit

Which doesn't yet have a name.

Step 8: Connections

This is where you put the gun together.
Any issues, pm me.

Step 9: Rubber Bands And

Any other pictures I have left over.
These pictures show where the rubber bands go and what you may want to add, if your trigger is slightly un-reliable.



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IW-80-A2 is just a fake name that socom named the l85 cus they didnt wanna pay to call it the l85

either that or the SA- 80. and besides it shows up on the search tab of sites when you put my THAT name in

you should try make a styer aug using the same mechanism and enter in my contest

You mean one of these?


well ye but the a1 version its much better looking