i think this the only bomber on this website i got the body from iceninja07 and started bilding from there
this is my first slideshow so be nice lol
if you want me to do an instructable just ask

Please do instructions! This is really quite nice and I would like to build it.
I'm From Lancaster
instructions please!!!!!!
That's quite nice.<br /><br />(Kitewife's grandfather spent WWII fixing Lancasters in the desert.)<br />
really? thats awesome
Really.<br /> <br /> <br />
Technicaly, the F22 is also a&nbsp; bomber, also i saw&nbsp;a b25 the other day.
or something else th other day
thx btw i madeur butterfly thing tht was pretty good<br />
wow<br />
omg tht is amaingyou have got to do an instructable<br />

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