Knex Law Bringer Pistol





Introduction: Knex Law Bringer Pistol

About: highly interested in technical designs and engineering

this i will say is a really powerful knex pistol and YOU CAN HAVE IT if u build it and give all your friends welts,yaaa pain.the only con is the mag doesnt work that well so i will show you differnt ammo but it is powerful

Step 1: Body

follow the pics

Step 2: Trigger

follow pics

Step 3: Odd Parts

follow pics

Step 4: Gumbands

follow pics

Step 5: Ammo

just put a red connecter on a yellow rod



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    i peged my 9 year sister in the face and now i am grounded and she has a welt on her nose

    3 replies

    ya not the smartest move but it was worth it she spilled nail polish on my $140 airsoft MP5

    That sucks. Metal or plastic frame?

    yo this gun is pritty cool not that powerfull but damn good.

    I made a gun that looked SOOO close to this except it had a 5 shot wheel with 2 sides on the parrel (if u hadnt caught on from the wheel its a rbg)

    LOl! I was going to post somethign like this, but it sucked, only 70 feet distance so i took it apart.

    2 replies

    Dude 70s pretty good for a pistol. Post.

    took a while to mke , and a few guesses to where the pieces r,but amazing nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im looking for a slide pistol tho but still good!


    can i have your phone an mp3? they look nice,

    what went in the mag? i'm sure that if you use a slanted end mag pusher it'd work out better:D

    5 replies

    did you try a yellow rod with an orange on one end and a green on the other as your amg pusher?

    and if it did, you've got a shotgun effect!

    that'd work very well; the ammo would remain level and not get pushed up in multiples.