youll need all this for the body of the lego knex man all the you see is in the new sets of knex cars this one was a green truck set to under stand i put nots in the pic.

Step 1:

please read the my nots i messd up one side just read to fix but thats all thats wrong

I think its great!!!!! <br>
you spelled goes wrong. its not gose, its goes. im just sayin,you need to spell better
psssst... make the finished product the main image of the instructable. Other than that, this is a great way to set up some knex minifigs to drive a knex vehicle or be mowed down in a hail of knex projectiles.
so you dont like it. to me it did not need more than one step becouse all the the pic were so good but if you wont me to i well put more steps in it

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