Knex Lever Action Rubber Band Gun





Introduction: Knex Lever Action Rubber Band Gun

the title says it all also ill show some other designs

Step 1: Make the Basic Mechanism

build the basics sorry about the picture quality

Step 2: Build the Tip

this is where the rubber bands hold

Step 3: The Barrel

build the barrel

Step 4: The Lever

build the lever

Step 5: The Stock

building the stock mines crap but it uses few parts just beef it up

Step 6: Put It All Together

ok just attach all the parts

Step 7: Loading Firing and Other Designs

just open the lever attach a ruber band from the tip to the cogwheel spin it back 1 attach another and etc then close thwe lever.
To fire just pull the trigger and cock the lever forward then back after every shot heres my other designs

my uzi m16 with peg launcher,boltaction rifle,tommy gun and br



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Are my eyes out of focus?

I thought that too at first but then i realized that it was the pictures.

Sorry I'm surpirsed they let you publish it wrong message snet by other.

Dude I'me surprised theyu didn't let you publish it.

Try wiping the rocks off your camera lens, and try again. Good gun though....

The pics. are too blurry!

it may look like it, but its not like bedbugg's gun.

can you take this out of the robot contest please?