this is my first instructable so please be consrtuctuive with your comments and leave your rating.it is a hybrid (hybrid means a cross between to things) crossbow/sniper as it has a crossbow look and design but sights and trigger like a sniper (although most real snipers dont use block triggers).
28 blue medium rods
4 grey long rods
4 black long rods
4 long red rods
4 small white rods
1 tinys green rod
2 yellow 1/2 white circles
6 tand 1 clip connectors
17 grey 1 clip connectors
85 red 3 clip connectors
59 green 4 clip connectors
4 1 clip
ball joint connectors ( 1/2 a ornag 2 clip connector
can shoot 60-70+ feet
black (sharpened if you want ) rods as grey rods bend and snap easier.


Step 1: Crossbow Arms

crossbow arms:
pic1-make this by atatching 17 red connectors to a grey rod and sapcing them like this.
pic2-there is 11 of these. they are green connectors with a blue rod atatched.
pic3-atatch them all onto the part you made in pic1.
pic4-looks similar to the other one but its the other side so follow the steps carefully.
pic5-make 11 of these. they are green connectors with a blue rod atatched.
pic6-atatch them all to teh part you made in pic4
Um... how is this possibly a <em>light</em> crossbow. And i hate to break it to you, but all crossbows have triggers. Just lettin you know.<br/>
crossbow + sniper = this??? i dont think soo this looks like a knex pizza box lollol minus 1 rating dude this isnt cool<br/>
have you built it?
I recon it looks pretty cool. I haven't built it, but I think it might go pretty well, but if theres a trigger or whatever, take it off and just pull it back like a bow and arrow and it'll probably work better.
Rocket launcher coming soon...no pictures of the actual gun have been posted incase it is copied but i can show you the destruction it made ( just look at the hole on the left hand-side). once the rating of this gun goe sabove 5 i shall post so theres something for you to ai for...
lol not cool i agree with danny lol this is kinda crappy srry
oh yeh and killer k,if you had of built my gun or even read it porperly then youd notice its a hybrid - hybrid meaning a cross between 2 things. this is a crossbow hybrid of a crossbow and sniper.<br/>and yes it shoots stuff and it shoots stuff far unlike<em>the killer k pistol which shot a bullet about 10m.</em><br/>
10 meters u must suck with his pistol i got his to go 136 feet with a costom sniperrod so idk wat ur talkin about and u say this is a combo of a crossbow and sniper dude this looks like a sheild combined with box mag frm a SAW machine gun lulz
KILLERK or killer k?
id just like tom say sorry to anyone i annoyed but plz stop posting such bad comments...how would you like it if i done this to you.
this is a crossbow hahaha this suck
sorry but this gun is not to good
(to knexster)- you say you think its unsturdy...think again its is strong as mad...
what is this a knex bear trap lol hahaha
yes i kinda agree with danny this isnt even a crossbow its som square thing that PROBLY shoots stuff...
awsome. 2nd comment
Looks a little flimsy but powerful. First Comment!! yay

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