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Introduction: Knex Light Machine Gun

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

hello everybody! I recently made this lmg, and i wanted it to show you.
anyway, let's get to the stats:
- single shot
- decent power, it's more of an model, 10 metres
- pretty good looks
- removable belt thing, this part also holds the firing mech. It's the mech of an tr18/8 turret which holds the bullets, and is removable
- trigger can be dodgy
- flip-up back iron sight
- flip-up belt cover to remove the ammo belt

The last view photos are of my walther Polizei Pistole Kriminalmodel
it's not the best, but that's cause it's such an anoying thing to build. Lots of shapes in an way to small size. It's 15.5 centimeter long and 10 centimetre high in real life!



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    lmgs are my favirate

    Haben Sie Zaks Repetierbüchse gebaut? Sein Epos.

    Nein, noch nicht. Meinst du die ZKAR?

    Nun, es bricht Gummibänder wirklich schnell!

    Das is nicht so gut. Ich habe nicht so viel bänder

    Ich habe nicht viele Gummibänder haben entweder.

    It looks like the one of Verypoopy so it's nice :)

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    Thanks! do you think i should post the ppk?

    ok, i'll try if i can post it today. Otherwise in the weekend

    Cant see many of the pictures. I assume its a nice gun though.

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