Knex M1 Carbine





Introduction: Knex M1 Carbine

my new gun the m1 carbine this probably my best looking gun I'm definitely getting better at making them realistic features

removable blue rod magazine
removable bi-pod
removable sling
true trigger
30 foot range maybe more with better rubber bands

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also credit to brammeke11 for bi-pod heres the link for that



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    is the chains nessecery?

    By looking at the size of the mag, It probably shoots blue rods.

    knex mad, i wish i could sunscribe to you a million times and give you 1,000 stars on every one of your instructables. you rock!

    please ost post post post post post post post post post post post post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    dude this is long long gone look at the published date


    the k'nex version looks better than the real one, and still they almost look the same...

    can you make instructions on how to build it

    Handle+stock doesnt look right but everything els looks good

    great replica! lengthen the mag for perfection

    yes thanks i tried to make it as near to it as i could

    thanks man i wont be posting as ive taken moast of it apart but whick gun do you want an ar 10 m4 carbine l96

    I would like to see an ar 10.

    ar 10 it is then ill get started today then i might do the other two at a later date

    Okay. Cool. Good luck! :D