I have decided to remake this, i got a lot of time and more pieces, and this one came out a lot better.

Again, credit to own-mon for the handle, its just the only slant i can find at just the right angle.

Let me know what you think, and subscribe

<p>I love this gun. I also subscribed.</p>
Post instructions!!!
and it needed some mods, cuz it didnt shoot well
Its not too hard
why take the mick your gun is good but not better then beamerons <br>
I don't understand your comment, but i don't like Beamerons M16 though, his is a little bulky in the barrel area, and is a little unproportioned, but that's just my opinion, but ok. Thanks though
please post instructions for stock
u shud put m16 VN for vietnam<br>
what for?
because this looks for like the vietnam version then the a3
instructables : ( = 5*
looks kool<br>
this is gone =(
Honest to god, this gun looks superb.
Probably doesn't perform the best in the world, but it still looks really awesome.
i know, lol thanks
I'll give the first picture 5* because i like the barrel and noobtube. Can you please post that one?
its gone yo
i must say, your guns have really good quality! 5*<br />
thanks<br />
np, new name?<br />
Nice!!!<br />
thanks<br />
Your welcome!!!!!!!!<br />
That looks very good<br />
i fliped the sights image here<br />
the last time i tried to flip it, when i opened it, it was at the right angle, but when i uploaded it, it came out sideways<br />
thanks<br />
I like it, but the handguard does look better rounded.&nbsp; 4.5*
thanks<br />
updated is soooooooo<br /> <br /> much better than the original!<br /> <br /> 5*<br />
thanks<br />

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