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my knex m16 i have tried my best so please dont say nasty things about it. constructive critism is welcome :)


knexguy (author)2010-12-12

This is a link to another M16 model that doesn't shoot. Notice a difference?

megustatrains (author)knexguy2013-07-16

lol +1

DontShoot262 (author)2011-04-19

im pretty sure It looks worse than my first M4.

KnEx_MaStEr (author)DontShoot2622011-04-22

go away nerd i quit knex

DontShoot262 (author)KnEx_MaStEr2011-04-22

Sorry nerd

RMConstruction (author)2010-12-12

This IS terrible. No two ways about it.

MegaMetal8 (author)2010-12-11

Very bad

KnEx_MaStEr (author)MegaMetal82010-12-12

i dont hav a lot of peices

MegaMetal8 (author)KnEx_MaStEr2010-12-12

Then buy more.
Or get some for x-mas

~KGB~ (author)2010-12-11

you really need to beef it up...

KnEx_MaStEr (author)~KGB~2010-12-11


~KGB~ (author)KnEx_MaStEr2010-12-11

redo the whole gun...

KnEx_MaStEr (author)~KGB~2010-12-11

done with the pics

~KGB~ (author)KnEx_MaStEr2010-12-12


KnEx_MaStEr (author)~KGB~2010-12-11

seriously ill put more close up pics thatll maby chng ur mind

~KGB~ (author)KnEx_MaStEr2010-12-12


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