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Introduction: Knex R700

my knex R700 has fair power accuracy and range, i think it looks quite like the real R700 sniper rifle over all it is a very effective sniping knex gun it is also fairly reliable since i have changed my firing mechanism. I think i better add so i dont upset anyone else that apparently the real name of the gun is M700 DO NOT TELL ME THIS IS THE WRONG NAME as some guns have multiple names



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    I'm stupid apparently it means model. (Damn you wikipedia

    fairly, although, you can put rods inside, and you can also change the white rods over too the blue rods too make it thicker, and that makes it much much stronger and if you do both at the same time it is really very strong, but for a knex gun a bit weighty, but then thats nothing if you compare that too the real one, and I prefer a weighty gun

    1. It's called the M700 (who gives a crap, I do).
    2. The handle is oddly shaped unlike the real one.
    3. And... The barrel to long after the stock.

    dude I've seen your comments on a few ables and you don't post any nice comments. I also have a few things for you to know:
    1. don't comment other people if you haven't made any ables.
    2. it's not an M700 but an R700 because it's made by Remington.
    3. if you keep posting offending comments, people will do it back at you.
    4. start making your own stuff and stop criticising this guy.
    5. be brave and go to Pinderfish and say this in front of his face

    "M" stands for Model, Remington Model 700. And a while back I said I don't have a camara to post the four guns I've built. I built an AW .338, an M14, Socom M14 (basically the same gun, but I made two Q.D. front sets), an M1 Garand, and a BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle). And by the way, the rifle is called an M700, you and pinderfish (sweet name btw) think it's ONLY called the R700 because you know from CoD MW... Which the game is great in campaign.


    owkey you can be right about the remington thing but I still don't believe that you posted those four guns. I would love to see them but now I still can't be sure srry. =(

    oke i meen that I just can't believe that you MADE them if you don't have pics so that's why and don't tell me you don't have a camera because I've read that already =)

    I wish I could post then... I based them off of airsoft guns. I can atleast tell how they turned out though. The M14 shoots, but not very hot. The BAR is a non-shooter. The M1 Garand shoots an 8 round internal magazine which I am trying to make itself eject on it's own. The AW .338 shoots perfertly and build quality is at it's best. It can a good 100 feet and almost hit my skinny friends.

    actualy i found out that r700 means remington 700 and m700 is model 700 so all of us were correct but thanks for sticking up for me, your awsome man

    I personally think it is an R700, cause it was made by Remmington, wich explains the R in R700, the full name is Remmington model 700

    blame knex gun builder as its original title was knex m24 and the handle doesent look unlike the real M24. actually at the end pic (the real gun) it still says M24 which i need to change. do you know of any good semi auto mechanisms?