Knex M4




Introduction: Knex M4

If you guys like it, I can make a instructable



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    post instructions plz

    post or else i will come to your house and start throwing the parts for this gun at u

    whoa no. we have no M4 here people. what we have is an STG44, with a bad stock, and bad sights!

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    OMG another STG44!!! I have more competition...

    wow. not.

    Can you show us how to make it Please

    plz can u make instructions for this gun plz

    I like the look of the stock, but it seems like its too heavy for the gun I dont really like the fact that its bending either

    Please can you make this gun PLEASE. Iam desperate to build it

    really really good, it works fantastic, i made much knex guns but this is the best one. maybe you think it's not good, but you have to make it. Then you see how good this one is!!! bye

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    you say:"but you have to make it" i dont want to, but if you want someone to make it, then post instructables-.-