Knex M4 Assault Rifle. Shoots Elastics and Knex.




Introduction: Knex M4 Assault Rifle. Shoots Elastics and Knex.

this is my knex m4 assault rifle hope u like it.

Step 1:

build 2 of these.

Step 2:

build 3 of these

Step 3:

build 2 of these.

Step 4:

build one of these. (same as last step on one piece has to be changed)

Step 5:

build one of these (trigger)

Step 6:

build the elestic band holder (only one)

Step 7:

build one of these

Step 8:

build 7 of the full ones (pins) and u will need 4 more blue things and 4 more small blue rings (these r very impotant

Step 9:

i small elastic for the trigger and an elastic that will reach from point a to point b (point a and b r in the last step picture)

Step 10:

attach the trigger and elastic holder (MAKE SURE U ATTACH IN THE RIGHT SPOT)

Step 11:

putting the front together. and put the pins in the right spot. (go back to step 8 if u forget what the pins are)

Step 12:

putting the back together

Step 13:

point a and where the bullet sits.



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    Ya might want to take better pics, and make sure that the pics are longwise, not tall-wise.

    ya sorry this is the first time for doing this

    pretty good and follow his advice, the guy whose bellow me