this is our best k'nex rbg gun ever!!!!!!!! (cuz it handles  nice).


make gun first: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-rbg-gun-for-beginners/

Step 1: Moddifications

new lets mod it!!!

Step 2: Traditions.......................................

<p>I think its a good gun in some parts but I sugest you build a new gun and when ever thars a problem you should fix it but like i said good in parts. :)</p>
i think u are the sister <br>
Rubbish stock.
Make it sturdier.
make it more solid ... this just sucks
yeah i agree, the stock looks really bad.
L! L96! L!
Please... go build an gun that dont crasched when you only dropped?? go build an ghost 3 or something
you just cant build
To be honest it doesn't really look like a gun what's the power like
if you put 4 rubber bands and 1 red connector on it it can shoot about 50 feet so its pretty powerfull for a this easy gun
clean up the stock

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