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Introduction: Knex Mac 10

this is my first gun out of knex so its not great (im only 11, also knex gun builder is my brother and let me use his pieces) HOPE YOU LIKE IT!



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    Why are arguments so funny on the interwebz?

    If you're only 11, by law you can't be on the site until you're 13. You should probably get off until then.  Then we can stop seeing stuff like this and get to look at good quality stuff for a change.  Even if this was a first gun, still.  My first gun ever sucked too but at least it shot stuff.

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    Wrong. COPPA is law. Look it up.

    im getting sick of you. you want quality? go and pxss in everyones faces on KI not instructables. I don't know if you noticed the red box down bellow when you make comments.

    Why dont you. Dj has more fans in this community than you do. He's giving constructive critisism for crying out loud. It helps a builder become better. He left the ki community because they arent nice to him usually. You have to bud in on every comment dj makes because you have little issues with him. Whatever it is GET OVER IT. He is a billion times better than you will ever be 1-2 i understand you speaking your mind but seriously...3 He's inforcing site rules the person never should have told their age. You want to start a fight with dj you stiring up crap with half the instructables community.

    Yeah what he's said about you is nothing
    Compared to what other people have said about
    Him hey dj can I have ur autograph plz!

    thats your one and only chance. just ONE.

    screw you dj..bmp

     I never made you in the first place noob.

    Well I'm doing this so you know why I criticize like I do.

    fine fine, I was wrong and im sorry. but I dont feel sorry, and I dont beleive Im wrong. either way, 'constructive' critisism. you are quite controversial, and word is passed around to ignore you, but I recomend putting something positive in front of the negative.

    Hey man, If I could take a time window and show you the knex community in 2008, you might understand why I am like this.

    You deserve the terrible guns that litter the community.  You deserve to get shot over and over in knex wars by the better guns while you can't get a single hit on everyone else due to your gun.  People today have no courage to speak their mind.  Pretty soon we will be like Lisa Simpson in that episode where she has to take medication that makes her see smiley faces everywhere.  All because people have no guts to criticize. 

     okay,,,,,,, but its not hard to find the good guns. just click on highest r8ed.

    Ratings are not that reliable.  Classic guns from people like the KI'ers are nowhere near the front page to start off.  Then there are people who don't actually rate the product.

    The hell's your problem?