Knex Flail





Introduction: Knex Flail

this is an awesome knex flail

Step 1: The Handle

build this pretty easy to make from pictures

Step 2: Chain

also picture will explain also you can make as many chain links as you want

Step 3: Handle/chain Connector

this peice will connect the chain to the handle

Step 4: End Ball

just the end of the mace

Step 5: Connect the Chain,handle, and Chain Handle Connector

just look at the pic

Step 6: Connect the Mace End to Rest and Finish

this is just connecting the end to the rest and a picture of the finished mace
pic 1 adding the end peice
pic 2 the finished mace



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    I've found two ways to improve this. 1) A stronger handle. You take two yellow or red rods (depending on your hand size; you might even want gray) and simply attach a large chain of white snowflake connectors to them, making sure the rods are parallel so that the handle/chain connector can be attached. This makes a stronger and, actually, more grip-able handle. Also, I would definitely recommend adding a blue spacer and blue clip (or gray one-slot connector) to each side of the blue rod on the handle/chain connector. Just in case. 2) As someone already mentioned, another thing I found after building this was that adding white rods to the two blue 3D's makes it much more authentic... and painful >_>

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    Actually, upon closer inspection, it seems my handle is simply the same one in this instructable, just with more snowflakes and two rods removed <_

    I like it but... flails where made with spikes on the end of the ball of should put white or blue rods on the rod.

    to everyone making mods in the comments: this is just a basic design ment to be modded to your hearts content

    isnt a mace just a stick with a ball on the end.

    ya i agree with you put the on there it is kool i tried it and it is a lot better

    you could improve the end bit by adding little white sticks to the blue circle at the bottom of it :)

    I Agree, The handle is kinda flimsey. Try Using Daniel662000's nunchucks handle, I did and it worked perfect

    lol, run into a seven eleven with that, scare the workers, and run with their money (and a few oreos).

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