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Introduction: Knex Flail

this is an awesome knex flail

Step 1: The Handle

build this pretty easy to make from pictures

Step 2: Chain

also picture will explain also you can make as many chain links as you want

Step 3: Handle/chain Connector

this peice will connect the chain to the handle

Step 4: End Ball

just the end of the mace

Step 5: Connect the Chain,handle, and Chain Handle Connector

just look at the pic

Step 6: Connect the Mace End to Rest and Finish

this is just connecting the end to the rest and a picture of the finished mace
pic 1 adding the end peice
pic 2 the finished mace



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    I've found two ways to improve this. 1) A stronger handle. You take two yellow or red rods (depending on your hand size; you might even want gray) and simply attach a large chain of white snowflake connectors to them, making sure the rods are parallel so that the handle/chain connector can be attached. This makes a stronger and, actually, more grip-able handle. Also, I would definitely recommend adding a blue spacer and blue clip (or gray one-slot connector) to each side of the blue rod on the handle/chain connector. Just in case. 2) As someone already mentioned, another thing I found after building this was that adding white rods to the two blue 3D's makes it much more authentic... and painful >_>

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    no, blue/purple/green or maybe red conversion rods

    Actually, upon closer inspection, it seems my handle is simply the same one in this instructable, just with more snowflakes and two rods removed <_

    lol rods on the rod... i meant rods on the ball at the end...

    I like it but... flails where made with spikes on the end of the ball of should put white or blue rods on the rod.

    thats couse it is a flail tobita!.

    i think i was spending an allnighter when i typed that... sorry xD

    or maybe i meant to say whip, i can't remember:P

    to everyone making mods in the comments: this is just a basic design ment to be modded to your hearts content

    isnt a mace just a stick with a ball on the end.

    uhh thats a flail lol

    ya i agree with you put the on there it is kool i tried it and it is a lot better

    you could improve the end bit by adding little white sticks to the blue circle at the bottom of it :)

    I Agree, The handle is kinda flimsey. Try Using Daniel662000's nunchucks handle, I did and it worked perfect

    Flail... I think i would try a stronger design and handle. But yours is ok.

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    ditto. good idea for the chain though

    lol, run into a seven eleven with that, scare the workers, and run with their money (and a few oreos).

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