Knex Machine Gun Pistol (No Complicated Mech)




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Introduction: Knex Machine Gun Pistol (No Complicated Mech)

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I came up with this very cool mechanism that sprays bullets out of a gun at a really fast speed like an uzi. this has alot of potential and i think that i am the first person to ever use this mechanism in a gun 

correction oblivitus's shot gun uses a mech that is almost the same



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    It's been done twice before. Mine was the first one, posted almost exactly 2 years ago;

    Great minds think alike though, right? And your trigger mech is a bit different than mine too.

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    yea i saw your shot gun before but i couldn't figure out the mech didn't know this was the same but now i understand (did urs load the same?)

    also just a few days ago i added a true trigger and extended the mag a bunch

    No, mine doesn't load the same.

    Cool. An idea that a few people have thrown around is to make it a semi-auto by keeping the full auto elastic setup but controlling the rate at which the rounds come out.

    that would be cool

    i noticed when i was making the true trigger and acccidentaly tilted it the wrong way it occasinaly shot off short bursts of 3 or 4 bullets but sometimes it shot all like it normaly did. it would be cool to use that in a burst rifle mech if i could figure out what caused it

    i fixed me claiming that i was the first to use