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Introduction: Knex Machine Gun

this is my knex machine gun

Step 1: Chain

make the chain

Step 2: Gun

make the gun

Step 3: Assembley

put gun together

Step 4: Loading

how to load



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    It's got no barrels its just the walls of the firing chamber.

    Nice gun, although I don't have enough of those pieces to make the chain! Looks cool though!

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    you can make it as long or as short as you want

    i could make a chain 100 long.

    i onlt cuold make 7 shots you might only be able to make 3? ho knows

    u dont need motor u could go crank. that way u control extact speed.

    OMG do u need all those rubber bands??

    How do you attach the rubber band?

    this is a good gun but its a chain gun not a machine gun

    yeah this gun is pretty cool, simple, but theres not much speach in it. id like it if you could put more.

    p.s. i might use this for a more detailed gun, if its ok.

    what's that supposed to mean?

    Ughhhh whatever!

    Chill out, the guy is trying to help you...

    Sorry Miles. I'm just aggravated about this machine gun. The chain doesn't connect to the red piece for me.

    you need big chain links