it works like a magnum 44 and shoots yellow rods

for mlcad users:

This is more of a concept gun people

Step 1: The Barrel


Step 2: The Special System

make tis

Step 3: The Trigger

make these

Step 4: Put It All Togadder


Step 5: Add the Rubber Bands

a very smal one and a strong one
<p>One of the first guns i ever built.</p>
i would build if i still had knex, looks awesome though.
you no have knex???????????
The WORLD is ending!
it looks better in mlcad lol
guys if u giv it a blue rod 4 a hammer and move the band 2 the end its easier to pull down and more powerful. worth doing :) <br>
how to load???
Pull it back and you see a small hole between the hammer and the top of the barrel. Put you ammo in there.
it doesn't work none of your guns work there horrific
I only have one gun lol
this is the gun that got me started on knex guns thank you .
np :D
&nbsp;when you add stuff on the gun or take it off, put it in the steps, and you could have said it was a concept on the intro........
does it even shoot
&nbsp;Yes, but not far.<br /> Its more of a concept
in the first 2 pics, the build differs a bit by the trigger right? or am i seeing things<br />
Yeah, a bit.<br />but I made it just a bot longer, easyer to pull<br />
anyway, just built it and it works pretty o.k.! =)<br />thanks for sharing this<br />
what's this? a hammer gun that actually works WELL? the world must be ending!
that looks good but it would be beter with a magerzien
you mean a mag right
absolutely awesome why cant all instructables be as clear as this
please make the pics clearer. does the orange bit connect on to the blue bit going throught the corner section?? please help!!!
Yes, but did you see any other possibility then?
I built it and it just didn't work it didn't shoot as fast as it probably does lol but i don't know what you used to shoot it but every other gun i use i shot rd or yellow bars deppending how bit the barrel is
what does it shoot? please answer, thank you!
Well, I can't really explain but it looks a system of an oldschool magnum
real knex magnum coming up!! same shape as revolver, HAMMER firing mechanism instead of old firing pin! message me for more details
u dont even have a pic noob it probably not even gonna be worth looking at.
Its allot more clear on this then on pictures no?
what does it fire and HOW does it fire
together lol
what exactly was the point of that reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyy long post?
do you know what that list is?
yes; it was just so long that it took forever for the page to load...
why did you post the list on this?
my thoughts exactly.
ya this wuz acctually a good one! this doesnt disirve the list!!!
well, you have to position tis gun in an angel and use yellow things, and I do wan to post some modes but my camera doen´t connect my computer anymore. It sucks
nice gun, but u should add some mods and put them up on here
Only one thing ... i accept that my rubber b.s arent v strong , but i can't evemn get it to exit the barrel , even after modding . nice try , but make it leave the barrel : that;s a goal for you.
Shame that you did'nt tell us how to work the trigger but it is fairly obvious and as far as realism is concerned it's BLOWN EVERYTHING ELSE INTO THE MIDDLE OF LAST WEEK ! It works by a real hammer and the cocking system is great . More strength , possibly incorporating other propulsion AS WELL in rifle form .... you've got me my fream gun.
I don't think so, I never seeing something like this on youtupe
what does it shoot?
looks cool. does it shoot? i know the hammer moves....
RE: yea it shoots pretty well...if you have nice rubber bands then it will work nicely and see step 5 in the thing up there it will show you where to put the rubber bands.
Was this on youtube i remember seeing it there.
what was the name please tell me thx
What's the gun in your Avatar? Can U post, or give me a link plz?
I would but it's a sniper rifle now.

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