Knex Marble Gun





Introduction: Knex Marble Gun

A quick and easy knex marble gun to make, with a good amount of power have fun. sorry for any miss spellings

Step 1: Makeing All the Parts

first you will need to make all parts in this photo.

Step 2: Adding All the Parts Together

pic 1 is the bit that holds the trigger pole

pic 2 and 3 are putting the trigger on

pic 4 is putting the trigger end on and the handle on

Step 3: Putting the Rubber Bands On

just put them on like in the photos the marble sits on the front of the gun on the grey poles it shoots poles to just put them in the hole



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    Poles is actually Rods.
    Put your finger on this bit and fire is actually a trigger

    Drive pole is actually a ram rod.

    How far does this shoot?
    I have a feeling this will shatter my K'nex rods-
    Fast-moving, plastic K'nex rod + dense, solid glass (?) marble = shattered rod?

    Cool idea though. Could you post a video?

    no can't post video no cammera and have not broke a rod yet after 500+ shoots and i live in australia and we measure in meaters not feet so i have no idear on how har it shoots and all my good rubber bands have gone missing and have not gone and got more yet

    Generally, aussies can measure in both, and its not that hard.

    Aussies= Australians.

    1 metre = 3 feet

    And it's spelled metre, not meter ( in Canada)

    i know about the metre, i also knew about the aussies, i just know people who think calling australians "aussies" is impolite.

    That's odd, two of my friends moved from Australia two years ago, and they call themselves aussies....

    generally i can measure in both metres and feet.