video K'nex marble machine 2013

k'nex marble machine from www139 on Vimeo. There is a problem with embedding from vimeo. They forgot to add the 'http:' to the embed code!

www139 (author)  sandroknexmaster11 months ago
Sorunome11 months ago
Nice marble machine! :)
www139 (author)  Sorunome11 months ago
dickheijboer11 months ago
Cool, but I'm not gonna build a marble machine..
www139 (author)  dickheijboer11 months ago
Shadowman3911 months ago
That's probably the largest loop I've seen in a Knex marble machine, nice! Also, I can tell your tubing gets a lot of sunlight. :-P
www139 (author)  Shadowman3911 months ago
that's because the last owner who owned it kept it in a pool shed.