Knex Mazda Drifter




Introduction: Knex Mazda Drifter

About: i am a bmx fan .love knex

its got steering and a mp3
its the orange and  black car from fast and  the furious



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    quite nice 4.5* =D

    The RX-7 with the custom 13B Twin Turbo. I rememeber that. I don't think I'll ever forget the sound of that Bridgeport braping away.

    That is an awesome mazda but an even more awesome model. I like the spoiler... although i've got a real k'nex spoiler and where did you get the steering wheel from?

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    that is a real knex spoiler and i got the wheel from the low rider set

    ok thx. but my real k'nex spoiler looks like the picture. and i forgot where i got it from

    k'nex spoiler 001.JPGk'nex spoiler 002.JPG

    i have a black one and i got mine from the street racer set

    yes i  do have a request could you post instructions on the mazda drift because i would be happy to biuld it and then rate you off the knex car when i biuld it.

    i am going have have to rebuild it .it will not be the same. i also am building a baja truck  

    ok but how long do you think that it will take because i would like to biuld it.

    thanks for how long it will take so i can get a lot of pices so i can biuld it because my knex are all on the floor so i will have to go clean it up so i can biuld this awsome knex mazda drifter in about two weeks.

    i was thinking about making more drift cars

    that would be awsome if you did make more drift cars i would make them cars along with this one.

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