knex machine gun...........STOP STARING AT ME ............. TO MUUCH P-P-P-PRESSURE!!!!!!!!! any way yeah 16 shots motorized lahdie dahdie dah i farted.

Step 1: Middle Part of Gun

well i cant take many pictures so try ur best sorry

Step 2: Front and Base

once again not alot of pictures so try your best!

Step 3: Back Part (easiest Step)

well this part is the back part with a motor connected

Step 4: Putting It All Together

well should be pretty easy by pictures

Step 5: 2 Things I Forgot

i forgot the hande and the thing you push to fire
 man!!!!! you have ALOT of red connectors
Make it wieldable And get yourself DUAL WIELDING ACTION
and the motor is the back wieldable handle
go to the "things i forgot" step youll find a handlee to make it wieldable
shuold i post an uzi with that wierd pointed stock anyone
YES!!!!!!! make an uzi
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/knex-uzi-with-stock/">the uzi</a><br/>
you said Kool double-barreled knex uzi was a cool gun....and it had a block trigger
check out my gatling gun
pretty difficult instructions, also nothing new. 4*
its cool and all but ive seen this way too many times but still 5 stars
5 stars. I finally made one of your guns... I had to substitude a tonne of pieces for reds but I made it. My motor has very little torque though, so the way I start it is by turning on the motor, spinning the guns with my hand to get it rotating, and then use the trigger thing while it's still moving fast.
dude, that intro doesn't make any sense
What the hell is with the introduction text...?
<sup>hes wierd JK</sup><br/>
His display pic is freakin' hilarious tho.
do you meen the baby saying get to the choppa!!!!
YES! that pic is awesome!
yeah.................... lol
<h3>lol your whright</h3>
looks awesome, good job!
yeah its pretty much my only good gun that i have made lol.
Lol, then that's bad.
looks like an anorexic &quot;<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-5-pound-gatling-gun./">5 pounder</a>&quot; but not bad<br/>
lol, this uses like 2 X the red connectors though.
well the 5 uses like a million yellow connectors and reds are half yellows (90=1/2*180 :P) so it still has an eating disorder<br/>
the one thing that i dont like about it is that it has been made so many times. I think that you sould go with a different design if you plan on makeing another machine gun
an, that is a lot of red connectors!
yes aalllooottt of red connectors i still have like 100 more left after this gun was built
lol, how juch knex do you have?
i dont know how juch knex i have but i know how much i have lol like 5 rollercoaster sets one of them is the big air ball tower and like20-30 of the knex 400 piece or 500 piece value tubs and i just got 120$$$$ for my b day
will someone plz comment
NO, you farted.

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