This is a knex mg42 it has most of the original functions such as liftable belt cover, barrel changer pull, charging handle , ironsights , totally functional bipod i took about 30 mins to build. it features a iron sight that hs been modified to make it look exaclty like and mg42 ironsight. my inspiration came from battlefield bad company 2 where the medic class gets to use the mg3 machine gun also another fantastic functions is that it can be disassembled in quite an easy fashion 
pros - look like the real thing
has most functions of the real thing
has accurate size (42 inches) 
cons -
doesnt fire
requires 1 modded piece
Please Post Instructions! <br>I love mg42s, really like yours and want to build it. <br>PLEASE POST INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!!!
looks kool, but a bit junky
Late, but your reply was OVER 9000!!!
meh, dunno
please post instructions cause i'm really into knex but im rubbish at make models myself so please post instructions
Looks heavy, 4.5 Stars for awesomeness.
that's an awesome gun
thanks m8
Post please.
im trying ot find out how its pssoible to pull apart and that plees be patient
cant wait to build this.
not bad but it needs some &quot;cleaning up&quot; maybe post it? <br>
i cant be any cleaner
well thats ok but try to make it shoot if you still have it
i dont undertsnad what you mean ? do you mean post instructions and if your referring to cleaning up, i have i have made an update which made it much tidier<br>its becuase im good at making guns, im not one of these noobs that just follows the structure with loads of connectors ,my guns dont use much peices
Not bad, though it could be neater.
i have updated it now it looks much tidier ill post soon
ino i only had a few parts to complete it so i had to make do with what i had
amazing 10/10!
thank you
please rate and comment
i like it!
thank you m8
no prob! =D
Suppose its cool.
thank you

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Bio: working on - getting more knex for the m14 that i am starting and also updating my mg42
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