People said "knex guns can't get any smaller" I beg to differ by using the smaller knex pieces and the diesign of The Dunkis's minier tds I made the micro tds. The gun is the same as the minier tds but I made it micro. I do not clam the gun or the size because a comment to the minier tds said "I used the smaller knex pieces and made this same exact gun". This gun is very cool holds 5 rounds in handle and working trigger. I'm not posting instructions just go to The Dunkis's page for the minier tds and use the smaller pieces. This gun is perfect for a side arm no

Step 1: Pic 1

Not even the size of a American dollar

Step 2: Pic 2

This is compareision to a quarter

Step 3: Pic 3

Its the size of my hand

Step 4: Pic 4

Pretty small

Step 5: Pic 5

That shoe is a men's 7 and a half realy small gun
nice <br>good emergency back up gun
Looks incredibly concealable. Lacking a pro and con list, though. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see the range for such a small thing. 3/5 <br>Ideas for an improves instructable: Retake the intro picture, add step 5's pic to the intro, delete all steps except intro afterward, and add instructions for a 5/5
<p>Get dragons drop coaster if u want tan y connecters in micro theres like 15 or more and alot more micro knex</p>
Now try to make TheDunkis's nanogun in micro. I wonder how small it will be?
In the making of the nanogun i ran out of micro y connecters because they a really rare in micro but the gun would be about a little smaller than 2 inches but I don't want to take my micro tds apart but i was thinking .-1 nano for the name plus the tds doesn't even have enough for it so who ever has the pieces do it!!!
i got this big yellow tub of knex for beginners and it came with like BILLIONS (not really, lots)&nbsp;of micro knex...... hopefully this is helpful to you......
i have hundreds, but only a few green rods.
realy small I will try
um shouldn't it be an american dollar not a american dollar?
well at lest u understand wat it means
finally! a gun that uses peices that knex are now making! and yet it is still bigger than most guns ive made with the big peices. :P
I dont like mini knex guns. Also, TD's el mosquito is just as big, without micro knex. And TD actually made a smaller gun that the el mosquito too.
But it didn’t work at all.
the micro knex gun and the germ/tick are smaller than this and work just fine.
I thought it worked, but was very weak.
u made that gun out of mini knex
Um... Could you please post that it was <em>my</em> idea. I know you said that it wasn't your idea, but still.<br/>
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/TheDunkiss_Mini_er_TDS/">https://www.instructables.com/id/TheDunkiss_Mini_er_TDS/</a><br/><br/>Just for some proof, check the 4th comment from the top. <br/>
I know I just didn't remember your name Srry
No problem, but now you do. =)<br/>
Wow that's my size of shoe. PS . The only cool mini knex gun!
P.S. For now....
Couldn't you just say to build the Mini TDS with micro parts...?
ya but its said and done
You have inspired me. I'm going to try to build my own with micros now!
post them if you do
good luck! good luck! good luck!

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