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Introduction: Knex Carbine Rifle

About: i like to make knex guns and to play on my xbox 360 and i really like to dance (breakdance)

here is my newest project
this is a gun based of the the "the not retancle'' from KI
i used the disign and the wonderfully trigger from zak WATCH THE VID ON YOUTUBE
this gun used a new concept that prefents the ram from breaking
the ram don't break because it does not stop by the end but by the begin of the ram
so you can put as many rubberbands as you want on it
it shoots 2 shots at one
the trigger is disigned by zak and can have a lot of power

some stats:
-shoots about 30 feet with a white rod
-shoots about 50 feet with a oodammo
-shoots about 100 feet with a sniper round
-two shots at one
-great ram guide
-high rof
-comfy handle
-good sight (not that great)
-great trigger
-strong body
-ammo lock


please rate this gun on his performes and not on his looks

so let's get build it

first the part list


green rod: 173
white rod: 55
bleu rod: 27
yellow rod: 1
red rod: 1
gray: 2 or 0 if you use black rods
black rod: 2 or 4 if you want a strong ram guide (required)
broken white: 1 (sorry)

tan con: 4
gray con: 39
light  gray con: 3
orange con: 22
red con: 21
green con: 11
yellow con: 87
bleu con: 4
white con: 0

y con: 12
ball socket: 9
ball joint: 1
metallic con: 2
small wheels bands: 2
small rubberband: 2
big rubberband: 1

note: 2 tan cons by the trigger ar metallics

Step 1: The Front Bit

let's get started with the front and handle+trigger

Step 2: The Stock

just making the stock

Step 3: The Ram + Ram Guide

last step of making the gun
not that hard to make right?

Step 4: Rubberbands and Another Stuf

add rubberbands and wheelsbands and gray connectors

Step 5: Some Mods

here a some mods
the ram mod can not be made by every man so....



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    where is the orange connectors on the parts llist when u use them in the gun

    3 replies

    oo sorry i think i forgot those.
    you are the first one mentioned it

    i built it anyway :)good range bit of a pain in the bum when u build it

    I like this gun but i dont like the dubbel firing pin. Could you please make one with just 1 barrel?

    In the beginning write "This is my version of the NAR" or "This is a NAR". It would really clear up some confusion, and if people knew what this gun really was it would be a lot bigger and more popular.

    but no it's to small for a rifle
    i think

    its a carbine rifle.

    A short version of a rifle, made short for mobility.

    A carbine is a carbine, adding rifle is unnecessary.


    who cares?

    Is Carbine the first word in CQB?


    CQB stands for Close Quarters Battles, and CQC stands for close quarters combat.

    Oh. Thanks.
    I've been wondering about that for some time now.

    ehh thanks
    i'm conna change it right now

    it's a carbine, they are designed to be small and work in tight spaces or on horseback where a long rifle would be unwieldly and get in your way.

    SMG? Ive built it its ok i guess next to no power with 3 64s on each pin