Picture of knex mini bow
For my first instructable I decided to make a mini knex bow. This bow does not require a lot of pieces and is way more powerfull than I expected
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Step 1: Step1: very simple

Picture of step1: very simple
Make theese, if for some reason you can't tell there are eight of theese.

Step 2: Step2: yet again, very simple

Picture of step2: yet again, very simple

Step 3: Step3

Picture of step3
Sorry for bad pic but, I think you can figure it out.

Step 4: Step4

Picture of step4
Place ruberband around one of the pullies, as this will be diffucult but possible later on.

Step 5: Step5: almost done

Picture of step5: almost done
knex crossbow 011.JPG
Put theese together so you get this,(see below)

Step 6: Step6: the final touches

Picture of step6: the final touches
Make this. (3 blue spacers = 1 grey) also the green rods are the same as red rods.

Step 7: Step7:done

Picture of step7:done
knex crossbow 014.JPG
Attach what you made in step 6.

Step 8: Step8: loading and firing!!!!!!!

Picture of step8: loading and firing!!!!!!!
knex crossbow 015.JPG
knex crossbow 018.JPG
When you load push the grey rod inbetween the orange and brown connectors in the middle. I would suggest cutting a slit in the end of the grey rod (ammo) but, be careful as shown in pic2,ouch that hurt my finger. When your done it should look like pic3 when loaded.
FrozenIce4 years ago
cool! but when firing you have to place it properly or else you will hurt your self
dsman1952767 years ago
good job. i like the look of the whole thing. generly bows are more powerful because of the shorter berral and no need for a ram.
Because... Direct transfer from rubber band to projectile instead of rubberband to a ram then to the projectile.
Actually, when a large object hits a small object, the small object will travel faster than the large object was initially moving. So using a firing pin will shoot harder with a well-made gun (unless the bullets are bigger than the firing pin).
actually the ram makes it go shorter i have theoretical and practical proof because energy is lost in the transfer from the ram to the bullet in the form of sound and heat which is also lost from the ram traveling down the barrel. this is the practical proof, think of any slingshot mech gun such as the sr-v1+v2 the sipriani rifle they have good range but a gun with a barrel and ram of the same size will go shorter. but i do admire your reasoning oodalumps.
An intelligent response from an Instructables Knexer? I thought it was impossible. You are right that firing pin guns are inefficient. So I guess one could argue for both sides. It depends on the gun. But generally a slingshot will shoot large ammo better, and a firing pin will shoot small ammo better.
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Yup I wrote a short article on it on knexinnovation.
well i did not know because knexinnovation is down right now.
No, it hasn't been down for a long time.
i hasent?
it never loads for me.
who thinks i should post my full size bow?
Do it.
juneapaluna (author) 6 years ago
Yay, 1,900 views. Aww man, does that make it 1,901 now that I posted this comment :(
Oblivitus6 years ago
It's pretty good.
juneapaluna (author)  Oblivitus6 years ago
Yea, it's not the best.
juneapaluna (author) 6 years ago
Like my bow? Click on my name and view my new pistol!
machlarenF16 years ago
this bow is the best bow in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
machlarenF16 years ago
dude thnx very powerful i made a dent in my wall with this good job!!!! best bow on website!!!! thnx very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
pls6 years ago
its,... cute:D
juneapaluna (author)  mrmoneybagss7 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate it.
i got an ouchie too, in exactly the same spot. Its not pretty, blood gushing one. Pfft yeah right bt it hurts like a mother F***
juneapaluna (author)  skaterwhoowns7 years ago
Lol yeah, it stings.
mrbox7 years ago
WHY does it look sort of like mine...? I dont have an instructable but seriously that looks similar to mine only mines more of a ... structural - ish (more supports to hold more bands) type of bow..
juneapaluna (author)  mrbox7 years ago
Whaleman7 years ago
It bears a striking resemblance to a "Compound Bow" posted yesterday....
A happy coincidence? :P
Yea, I didn't try to make it look like his.
Twas a joke, it was.
juneapaluna (author)  Whaleman7 years ago
I don't care, even if it wasn't, twis fine with me
Kaiven Whaleman7 years ago
it looks a little improved though...
This is really cool and easy for a first Instructable. The pictures are okay, but I can easily see them, and everything else looks good, nice job.
juneapaluna (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Thank you.
Sypran7 years ago
good first intructable it fires well