mini crossbow

Step 1: The Bow


Step 2: Barrel and Trigger


Step 3: Attach


Step 4: Rubber Bands


Step 5: Loading and Fire

The bow makes me go &quot;YIKES&quot;!<br />
Doubtless :-p<br />
No, I'm talking about how the parts bend.&nbsp; That makes me go Yikes.<br />
...and thats why I said doubtless.<br />
Oh, I&nbsp;thought it was sacrasm.<br />
Nay nay, that bow is sketchy to the max.<br />
pretty cool! 5*
sssshh! lol
what's the range?<br />
&nbsp;15 foot
that's not far for a crossbow, not even a mini crossbow. You should search on crossbow and click recent, then start leaning from the other crossbows on instructable because this can't match, i'm sorry. <br />

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