Introduction: Knex Hand Gun

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In this instructable i will show you how to make a knex mini gun (made my me =] )
here it is ...

Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle

make this...

Step 2: The Trigger

Picture of The Trigger

Make this
(it's a bit tricky)

Step 3: Barrel

Picture of Barrel

make this...

Step 4: End of Gun

Picture of End of Gun

put them together

Step 5: Adding the Handle

Picture of Adding the Handle

do this...

Step 6: ENJOY

Start firing NOT AT PEOPLE at cans hehe


Whaleman (author)2007-09-25

cool, but not quite new. (BTW, this is a mini gun.)

ojochris (author)Whaleman2008-01-14

Gears of War?(I think?)

Whaleman (author)ojochris2008-01-14


ojochris (author)Whaleman2008-01-17

The link pic, Is it from Gears of War?

Whaleman (author)ojochris2008-01-17

No. It is from google.

j-chode! (author)Whaleman2008-06-02

lol, google gears of war. almost the same both start with a g. and i think they meant mini as in small not mini as in quick, im geeky like that see

Whaleman (author)j-chode!2008-06-02

Miniguns are actually called mini's because the Vulcan fired 20mm ammo, while miniguns fire 7.62mm rounds. Thank you google!

j-chode! (author)Whaleman2008-06-02

yes, thankyou google...

sniper crazy (author)Whaleman2007-11-27

hey if you wana see a knex riffle then click on my user name and click on knex mk45 riffle

Ruben2mei13 (author)Whaleman2007-09-29

Yes thats a minigun thank u


Darth Trainman (author)Whaleman2007-09-25

no... that's a minigun. This is a mini gun. But it still isnt that great.

Whaleman (author)Darth Trainman2007-09-26

well SO-RRY! I couldn't tell if it was just bad grammar or not.

Darth Trainman (author)Whaleman2007-09-27

minigun, mini gun... Bah.

ash1494 (author)2007-10-07

1. stop being mean. Two first comment is just gay. d you spend all your time critisizing knex guns and trying to get first comments? Get a life man. its a KNEX GUN she wanted to make. Tell her how to improve it, not how it sucks..

Ruben2mei13 (author)2007-10-02

yes you LIB7.......

lib7 (author)2007-09-29


Whaleman (author)lib72007-09-29

If we are sad, why are you giving us guns?

lib7 (author)Whaleman2007-09-30

not you but other people

Ruben2mei13 (author)2007-09-26

This is no a minigun, Miniguns spin around MF*

Mepain (author)Ruben2mei132007-09-26

Yes, this is a mini gun. Mini being the adjective describing what king of gun it is. ; )

Flie-Ing GOOse (author)2007-09-26

did u post this just to piss us off?

Vynash (author)2007-09-25

kinda cool first comment

Pbyrd (author)Vynash2007-09-25

*sounds like peter griffin from family guy* HEY,HEY,HEY,HEY, STOP IT, STOP IT (BY STOP IT I MEAN STOP SAYING FIRST COMMENT)

Vynash (author)Pbyrd2007-09-26

ok now let people say ehat they want geeeezzzee

flames10391 (author)flames103912007-09-25

and i built the marble gun awhile back to shoot regular knex this is the same thing

gunmanx (author)2007-09-25

yea its kinda cool but its just like the marble gun exept it doesent shoot marbles but still kinda cool

thebboy (author)2007-09-25

its ok

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