Knex Hand Gun





Introduction: Knex Hand Gun

In this instructable i will show you how to make a knex mini gun (made my me =] )
here it is ...

Step 1: Handle

make this...

Step 2: The Trigger

Make this
(it's a bit tricky)

Step 3: Barrel

make this...

Step 4: End of Gun

put them together

Step 5: Adding the Handle

do this...

Step 6: ENJOY

Start firing NOT AT PEOPLE at cans hehe



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    lol, google gears of war. almost the same both start with a g. and i think they meant mini as in small not mini as in quick, im geeky like that see

    Miniguns are actually called mini's because the Vulcan fired 20mm ammo, while miniguns fire 7.62mm rounds. Thank you google!

    1. stop being mean. Two first comment is just gay. d you spend all your time critisizing knex guns and trying to get first comments? Get a life man. its a KNEX GUN she wanted to make. Tell her how to improve it, not how it sucks..