Knex Mini Modifed Tractor Pull





Introduction: Knex Mini Modifed Tractor Pull

knex tractor



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    How does that perpendicular rear gear set up work out? I've always tried running the smaller gears driving a 2.25" gear with the teeth that stick over the side (now marketed as a 'yellow' gear) but I just end up ripping the teeth off. Also, I love your rear tire choice. I used some very similar on one of my tractors. Great looking build!

    thanx, the way it was gear it would pull much, but it was fun hooking it up to a sled i build and seein it to wheels ill have to make a nother one again

    i built a tractor similar to this and it is on my profile if youd like to check it out and im working on instructions for it

    hey man how did you get your acout pic of my car i took that pic three years ago and i dont remember bosting it anywhere on line

    sorry man , i really liked it and that what made me make my sprint car.

    p.s. you make nice cars

    oh well i think i might put the instructions on here

    not bad!