Knex Mini Powerfull Crossbow





Introduction: Knex Mini Powerfull Crossbow

if you put 9 rubber bands on it will be quit powerfull you can put more on if you want but you will have to be strong to pull the firing pin back other than that its realy good please comment IN NEED TO NO

Step 1: 1

firing pin

Step 2: 2

rubber bands



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      O boy! I get to make another tiny little gun, thats been done a million times before, looks awful, and is so simple i could make it EAISLY from the first pic even though its blurry. we really don't need all this rubbish, so please stop it.

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      so your gun is rubbish then. as least you know.

      better than yours

      are you really going to be this dumb? this is not a crossbow. a crossbow works by having NO FIRING PIN. YOUR GUN HAS A FIRING PIN, SO IT IS NOT A CROSSBOW. It is a simple concept. really. and it's not better them mine. 1. mine has more power-per-rubber band 2. mine looks cooler 3. and third and most important, mine is really a crossbow. get your facts straight.

      and, its labled wrong! its not a crossbow!

      your dumb

      are you really going to mess with me? the person who has been here for more then a year and knows a lot about knex guns?

      ok, to prove to you i can make a crossbow, i did. as you can see it is a lot cooler and better put together then yours. as you can see, it does not use a firing pin, witch makes it a crossbow. i made your gun just so i could prove to you that it stinks, i put the exact rubber bands you have on it in the pic, it shot 5 feet. 145 feet short of 150 feet. still think i am a noob? :-P

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      because you take the pis

      we do have a spell check. if you going to make a point you might want to look into using it. your comment makes no sense, so it means nothing. pis is a word, it is defined as: Proteins that accumulate in the seeds and storage organs of many plants. so, here are the facts: crossbows do not have firing pins this gun has a firing pin meaning: this gun is not a crossbow i do not post "Noobish" guns people say i am not a noob i have been making guns for over a year meaning: i am not a noob you can't argue with facts. you can go ahead and call me a noob again, all that does is make you look like more of a noob for thinking i am a noob. so really, any response you type to this will just make you look stupid. i would just shut up and change the title of this to "mini-weak knex gun".

      Yes, and the moon is made of cheese. To be honest, I would shoot myself in the face with it. And it's spelt bloody! At least get that right!

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      Do you want a video of me shooting myself in the face with it?

      yea i wouldent mind