Picture of knex minis, gun with true trigger
A gun with true trigger made from Knex minis.

Step 1: The handle

Picture of The handle
Here's how to build the handle.
NYPA6 years ago
its knek MICRO! not minis. and they suck.
KnexFreek NYPA5 years ago
i was wondering tho are they the same in strength as far as being scaled down goes?
no man, i can snap a half moon in half, and most of my orange micro rods are bent, because they are so fragile.
 are they like bendy?
You can say that again. They're more like "breaky"!
pretty much
knek MICRO what is it???
Knex micro is basicly knex in scaled down size.
humour, your first one you wrote *its knek" MICRO! not minis. and they suck.*
TigerNod4 years ago
Not that bad, but this still needs some work. A magazine might be neccesary. And you might want to fill the gaps in the gun. Also, mini knex is not very useful to make knex guns with. But be glad, it is better then all those noob-tubes here on the site...
Seleziona5 years ago
uhhhh, i only have two of those red half moons.... Not like i would build it if i did
PindaHoofd6 years ago
It would be funny to make the sr-v1 in mini knex
qwerty2008 (author)  PindaHoofd6 years ago
i dont think that mini knex makes all the parts needed to make the sr-v1
pls6 years ago
The mini knex aren't really great for making guns :s
Bartboy pls6 years ago
This gun appears to work.....
pls Bartboy6 years ago
I didn't say it doesn't look like it would work, I said that mini knex aren't great for making guns with.
Bartboy pls6 years ago
I guess.....
The Jamalam6 years ago
have you realised that most people here don't like mini knex?
But I do!
qwerty2008 (author)  The Jamalam6 years ago