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Introduction: Knex Monney Maker Magic

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i saw one of thees from knex on youtube. i found instructions to build it with carboard and pens but no knex so this is the first magic monney maker with instructions on the internet.(yes ive done it again). the monney is a real. i dont use dollars where i live, i just found this left over from my holiday.
i will reveal how it works at the last step.

video coming soon...

Step 1: Piece Count

this uses a little more pieces than you may think


purple 3D...24

blue washers...4
grey washers...4
tan clips...2
sheets of A4 paper...2
paper monney (doesnt matter what currency)

Step 2: Barrels

these  are what the paper wraps around to stay in its shape

Step 3: Handles

just follow the pictures.

Step 4: Frame

this part may be tricky.

Step 5: Paper

ths is where the secret comes in. there is a special way to put the paper on.

MAKE SURE YOUR PAPER IS A4 OR IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 6: How to Use

if you havent built this then you will get confussed reading this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to setup your monney maker you will need a doller and a piece of paper in the same shape of the doller. now get the real doller and wind it into the barrels so it is inside the paper thats wrapped around the barrels. you are now ready to use!

once you have the doller inside, all you do is wind in your paper and the doller will be pushed out.

if you dont understand this then add a comment saying "confused +1" and if to many people cant do it i will post a video of how to do it. 

Step 7: How It Works

how it works is that there is a trained fly hidden by the paper in side that draws the doller on the paper while it goes through.

JOKE!!!!!!!!!!! this step has nothing to do with building this, it is just to distract people who only want to know how this is done by jumping to the last step from the intro( i said i will reveal how its done at the last step in the intro) so you are wasting your time reading this step!!!!
the real solution is hidden in step 4 in a yellow box.



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    42 Discussions

    wtf does this do? just slide dollars through it? that's kinda pointless, ain't it?

    There is no sticking or glue involved!!!! And the solution is in the instructable so go looking

    im not saining that they are stickeing togethre im saying that you stuck them in at the smae time

    well it does not work at all so stop training to get me to belive something different

    That isnt what happens in the trick!!! For example i could turn a dollar note into plain paper, this rules out inking.

    It does work!!! Its a sort of magic trick!!! Its an illusion!!! Look it up on youtube