Picture of knex extra ball machine elements
Hello i am MrMuggle, you've probably never seen me around this site because this is my first instructable. It is actually an add on darth trainmans instructable: the ultimate guide to ball machine elements or whatever it is called exactly. I could talk hours and hours but let's get started.

By the way what I show you here are not exact instructions, they are more like ideas you could use in your ball machine. But i don't mind if you copy them.

ps im sorry for my bad english, im from holland

here is a link to trainmans instructable, it might be handy to use them both:


and a link to POWER TOWER, my latest ball machine
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Step 1: Normal pathing

Picture of normal pathing
in the following steps i will show different types of pathes.

this is the most used path, its not very special but it will do.

Step 2: Triangle path

Picture of triangle path
another path
if its not clear enough please ask a question

the big avantage about this path is that it is very strong and durable, u could make a long piece of it without support.

Step 3: Path DUH

Picture of path DUH
this path is very similar to one in darth trainman paths except it uses less pieces and different pieces. turns are quite impossible tell me if you know a way. by the way it is pretty useless

Step 4: Crosties path

Picture of crosties path
this path does take a lot of crosties ( the yellow connectionpiece that connects tubing and flexirods in rollercoasters) but this path is very usefull if you gotta cross long distances with very little height left.

turns might be possible but i think it 'll cost a lot of pieces.

Step 5: King's path

Picture of king's path
this path also costs a lot of pieces but it can make sharp turnes and it looks pretty cool i think (-:

Step 6: Skinny path

Picture of skinny path
uses few pieces
that thing on the side of the path ( i dont know how to call that in english) ensures that the ball doesn't fly off, u could make it on both sides
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it looks kinda comfusing by the looks of it and i was wondering if u could make instuctions for it
You spelled ball wrong in roller ball. Awesome elements thow!
You spelled though wrong.
The link does not work
How do you get the car to back on roller ball?
roller coaster track?
storm3914 years ago
wha???? whats it do?
Music man4 years ago
You've really insulted that sock. Tut tut
kittensare4 years ago
i like the sock better then the ball machine,just joking
Randomguy655 years ago
I love this element! I am planning on using it in my own ball machine! :)
Which you never posted
Mr. Muggle (author)  Randomguy655 years ago
the poodleo4 years ago
i like that, but can you make a vide, and it does look intresting, so can you make instructions for it?
i am curently working on a small ball machine using i_am_canadians 4 arm lift could you tell me witch elements i should use
Knexdude74 years ago
gonna use this right now in my new ball machine!
chopstx5 years ago
Just use bedy rods for the guide and make it turn.
Mr. Muggle (author)  chopstx5 years ago
you could but this path isn,t really handy for turns.
but you could put tubing on and then you could make turns.
Yes you could.
randude4 years ago
if wouldn't be a problem can you show us how to build the catcher?
Mr. Muggle (author)  randude4 years ago
watch the video in the link, I think that will explain enough :-)
randude4 years ago
thank you! i've been wanting to inclued a half pipe in one of my ball mahcines.
looney10235 years ago
This also can be called "The Race Gate", the "2 Ball Release", or just "The Race"
looney10235 years ago
Some call it switchback paths. And by the way, in english the word "falls" would demonstrate the ball going down instead of "flips". "Flips" would be used for if something turns over/ rolls over/ goes upside-down. Ex Ball FALLS through here. Paper FLIPS over.
zchan11205 years ago
Thanks so much for posting a link to the instructions!!

If I buy enough balls for my new ball machine, then I certainly will use this!!

Thanks a lot!! :)
Randomguy655 years ago
Some people call it the Flipper.
chopstx5 years ago
that thing on the side is called a "guard rail"
Mr. Muggle (author)  chopstx5 years ago
odin says it's called a handrail at the bottom of this page
Late reply i know, but it can be called either one. :)
Mr. Muggle (author)  chopstx5 years ago
at the bottom of the intro page i mean, (sorry)
yep it's a gaurd rail
zchan11205 years ago
guess what that is/

your beautiful stinky sock?
Mr. Muggle (author)  zchan11205 years ago
stickguy75 years ago
 Pretty cool.
coolsonic455 years ago

how do u do the rest ? ?                                                                                                                                   _ lol is ur idea plz pm me i got a rly cool element i made but dont no how post pics  can u tell me plz where do u live any way well thats that coolsonic45/knexLOVER out

Mr. Muggle (author)  coolsonic455 years ago
1: read the description for that
2: thanks
3 post pics by uploading them from your computer, I actually don't know how to post them in a comment......
4: I live in holland.

coolsonic455 years ago
why is the sec pic is diffrent from the first
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