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Introduction: Knex Mp-40 Intsructions

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph.

hello! these are the instructions  for my knex mp-40 model
some stats:
- good looks
- doesn't shoot
- charging handle moves
- folding stock
- removable magazines

Step 1: Front Barrel

how to build the front-most part
don't read this, get buildin'!!

!!warning: one black micro-knex rod is required!!

Step 2: Front-body

this part has the mag and charging handle in it

Step 3: Back-body

here are the handle, stock, trigger and back sights

if you've build this, youre almost done

Step 4: The Mag(s)

here you will learn how to build magazines for this gun

Step 5: Building It

w00t building time! most fun part!!

Step 6: Finished!!

you have finished the gun. Now go play with it, hang it on youre wall, mod it or whatever you want.
If you've build it, show me a photo and i'll include it in this step

pic1: mine
pic2: 2000smartkid's



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    Yes. It's a cheap, just about full plastic one.

    ive got an mp40 like your "real" one. I dont know who makes it or anything. where did you get yours?

    1 reply

    I got mine from a German website a looong time ago. I believe it's made by Umarex.

    (\ Weee.... Sorry for late reply.

    Don't worry 'bout the late reply

    ik dacht dat ie echt was xD

    (dat is ook de bedoeling ;D)
    Maar voor een airsoft geweer is ie eigenlijk best 'meh'. Hij is zowat helemaal plastic, en schiet te ver omhoog :/ Maar 't was mijn eerste

    volgens mij kan je er zo een bank mee overvallen ewe

    Ik zou het toch niet proberen, van veraf lijkt hij nog vrij echt, maar van dichterbij zie je toch wel goed dat het plastic is (krijg je ook met een airsoft van 25 euro)

    maar het is dus wel mogelijk! XD

    Misschien wel ja, maar ik denk dat men snel door heeft dat het geen echte is