Picture of knex mp-40 intsructions
hello! these are the instructions  for my knex mp-40 model
some stats:
- good looks
- doesn't shoot
- charging handle moves
- folding stock
- removable magazines

Step 1: Front barrel

how to build the front-most part
don't read this, get buildin'!!

!!warning: one black micro-knex rod is required!!
Kona-chan3 hours ago
ik heb deze ooit gebouwt
beste mp40 ever :^3
jupton21 year ago
ive got an mp40 like your "real" one. I dont know who makes it or anything. where did you get yours?
dr. richtofen (author)  jupton21 year ago

I got mine from a German website a looong time ago. I believe it's made by Umarex.

gabriel1801 year ago
Awesome work you rock Dr.Richthofen
dr. richtofen (author)  gabriel1801 year ago
Thanks a lot! :D
thegoodhen2 years ago
Came for Vinyl avatar, stayed for Knex. Good job! :3
dr. richtofen (author)  thegoodhen2 years ago
Lol, thank you =)
(\ Weee.... Sorry for late reply.
dr. richtofen (author)  thegoodhen2 years ago
Don't worry 'bout the late reply
Kona-chan2 years ago
btw, is dat je airsoft mp-40??
dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago
Yep :)
ik dacht dat ie echt was xD
dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago
(dat is ook de bedoeling ;D)
Maar voor een airsoft geweer is ie eigenlijk best 'meh'. Hij is zowat helemaal plastic, en schiet te ver omhoog :/ Maar 't was mijn eerste
volgens mij kan je er zo een bank mee overvallen ewe
dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago
Ik zou het toch niet proberen, van veraf lijkt hij nog vrij echt, maar van dichterbij zie je toch wel goed dat het plastic is (krijg je ook met een airsoft van 25 euro)
maar het is dus wel mogelijk! XD
dr. richtofen (author)  Kona-chan2 years ago
Misschien wel ja, maar ik denk dat men snel door heeft dat het geen echte is
dat denk ik ook, btw, heb van lemonpickel's kiparis een soort assault scoprion gemaakt met stock, post miss later
hier zijn wat foto's(ik upload ze zo want et lukt niet)
Knex.X2 years ago
You ever gonna make this shoot?
It wouldn't be too hard and you could use a magazine with only one wall, making it the same length as this one
dr. richtofen (author)  Knex.X2 years ago
It indeed wouldn't be too hard, but I think the front barrel'll give some complications
You forgot the t in my username, but that's not really a problem for me, but no offense, you could still change it. Thanks for putting my pic in the step. It means alot to me. :)
dr. richtofen (author)  2000smartkid2 years ago
>.< I fail... I'll change it ;)
Ok, I just finished building this MP-40, and it works great. I'll post a picture of it so you can add it to the very last step.
dr. richtofen (author)  2000smartkid2 years ago
Nice! When you've got the pic, I'll upload it. (oh, and you can maybe try the ''reply' button. I get a mail then when you comment on something I haven't made)
I just uploaded the picture. Click on my name and it will be there. It's a little blurry, so I hope that's ok.
thanks. I just finished building the front barrel, and noticed that i put the micro knex rod in the wrong hole. I'll fix that.
I'll make it tomorrow and tell you what I think of it. I rate it 5. Really nice gun.
dr. richtofen (author)  2000smartkid2 years ago
A picture has been added to that step
Awesome gun. Almost looks like the real thing. In step one, can you post a picture showing the little micro knex rod in the hole of the yellow connector? That would make it a little easier to understand where it goes.
dr. richtofen (author)  2000smartkid2 years ago
Thanks! I'll upload a picture from paint. Those small rods are a pain in the back part to find :I
k2iran2 years ago
ahhh sweet jesus :D i love this mp40, it rocks!
dr. richtofen (author)  k2iran2 years ago
:X :P
XxsonicxX3 years ago
Is that a real mp40 on pic 1 intro?
dr. richtofen (author)  XxsonicxX3 years ago
No, it's an airsoft gun (eventhough they are illegal in the Netherlands)
Knex.X3 years ago
Imagine you made this shoot. Oh boy
dr. richtofen (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
Ja, dat zou mooi zijn. Helaas had ik nadat ik deze had gemaakt nog maar weinig onderdelen over. (ik heb ondertussen meer, maar ja...)
het kost toch niet zoveel onderdelen om hem te laten schieten. je hoeft alleen maar dingen te verwijderen en wat toevoegen. heb je hem nog liggen of is hij al kapot. herbouw hem anders met je eigen instructies en laat hem schieten. ik ben nu druk bezig met slideshows posten (check mijn account) maar mischien bouw ik hem ooit en laat hem dan schieten
dr. richtofen (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
Ok, ik zal eens kijken of ik hem opnieuw bouw en laat schieten. Ik heb net mijn spas gepost, en ik wil graag een m16/m4/ar15 model bouwen. Als ik eens tijd heb zal ik wel kijken. (mp-40 heb ik al lang niet meer)
Hmmm dat zijn alle drie redelijk standaard geweren waarvan er al tig zijn
Gemaakt. Probeer eens wat anders, maak een LKP PAP of een m/45 (zoek maar op ;-0 )
dr. richtofen (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
Hmm, dat klopt. Ik zal eens kijken of ik die PAP kan maken, die ziet er best chill uit
Oke hou me op de hoogte
dr. richtofen (author)  Knex.X3 years ago
ok, waarschijnlijk begin ik in't weekend
5FDPfanJL3 years ago
um... dr. you never tell how to make the 1st 2nd and 3rd internal layers in the front body plz add
dr. richtofen (author)  5FDPfanJL3 years ago
I don't have it for an long time. If you tell me which step you mean and pictures, I'll explain that.
Thats awsome
dr. richtofen (author)  knexrule20123 years ago
Puddock3 years ago
How good is that airsoft mp40?
dr. richtofen (author)  Puddock3 years ago
It's pretty good for an beginner. It is spring, holds 32 rounds, about 250~300 fps. Under folding stock, and an rail for optics, and was 25 euro's
NikolaiMan43 years ago
Ok, I'm feeling rather stupid at the moment. I really want to build this gun, but I have a question. Are the little white micro connector things absolutely needed, because I don't have any and I have no clue where to get them. Please help.

dr. richtofen (author)  NikolaiMan43 years ago
ok, in which picture are those connectors? i haven't it built up since an pretty long time
I saw quite a few, they're the small, short, x-shaped grey ones. Here's the ones I saw:
Step 1 pic. 3, pic. 5
Step 2 pic. 10
Step 4 pic 3
I'm pretty sure I can't make this with your specifics, but I'm really hoping I can get close
dr. richtofen (author)  NikolaiMan43 years ago
theyre cut white rods, theyre 3 connectors long, if you have bent rods or bendy rods you don't use, you can cut them. But i'll look if you can replace them

step 1 pic. 3, pic. 7
you can replace the one on pic 3 with an normal white rod
i think you can't replace the one on pic 7

step 2 pic. 10
you can replace this broken rod, 2 connectors long, it's told further up the step with the pic-notes

Step 4 pic 3
i'm afraid you can't replace these rods, or you can mod it to have non-removable mags and save your pieces. or Maybe you can mod the mag to have non-broken rods and be removable

This is the most i could do, i don't have it built-up, so i can't tell if you can replace the broken rods
Ok, thanks, I'll do my best. I'm not going for the removable mags and such, I just want the overall look (which yours is amazing, by the way). But , I now have another stupid question. What do you mean by 3, or 2 connectors long? What is the connector you're talking about?

dr. richtofen (author)  NikolaiMan43 years ago
it's like if you put 3 yellow connectors on an white rod, then it's 3 connectors long. If you cut the tips of the white rod of, the broken rod is 3 connectors long
Puddock3 years ago
Awesome Mp-40! I was looking for an mp40 to build and this one comes with instructions.
rheath23 years ago
dr. richtofen (author)  rheath23 years ago
gassybeans3 years ago
is the tape on pic 2, 3, and 4 nessesary?
dr. richtofen (author)  gassybeans3 years ago
not realy, you can use an elastic band. It's used to stop the mag release from moving up to much
cool beans. i finished the shooting version, but due to a suckish little brother, posting it will be delayed.
I know this might be a dumb question but: Do you still have the pics of your version of this MP-40?
yeahhhhh....noooooo! it was a really simple mech, and in the near future when i get my new camera, I'll rebuild it and make an Ible. I'm so sorry but i'll draw the overall concept on paper and post. so unfortunate. it was really easy but the whole internal structure is ripped out and redone. same with the barrel.
Oh well, I will be ready for whatever. =)
All right!! the long time awaited images are finally here! Before you look, the outer layers stay exactly the same, and the images arent EXACT to fit the gun, there only rough skeches HAVE A LOOK
I know, the drawings kinda suck
Looks cool. =)
This is the best MP-40 here and now that its posted... Thats awesome.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
No problem. =)
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
I think it could be modded to shoot.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
yeah, it probably can. I just ran out of pieces
Hmm, Im a little low on grey cons from the TR-18 turret lol.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
I have an idea on how to make this gun fire lol.
Drawing out the mech.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
ok, when your finished, can you show it to me?
Sure thing =)
Heres my idea, the top picture is with the gun cocked. The bottom picture is with the gun being fired/charging handle in normal position. Oh and the mag is removable like yours; the ammo is the blue clips.
I'll modify this gun using Beanie's mech. I'll post when im done.
Well, good luck. =) You have the 3,200th comment. =)
for making a mech?
3,200 other people making mechs?
No lol. You gave me my 3,200th comment XD.
tis done and it shoots wonderfully :) Posting Instruction Next week.
Ill be ready for them. =)
How are them instructions coming?
sorry, my camera got really screwed up cuz my little brother dropped it. I shootin for this weekend :( sorry for the delay
Ah its alright. =)
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
so it's like you cock the chargin handle, and the trigger releases it?
Pretty much. If I had the pieces available I would actually try and build it.
dr. richtofen (author)  beanieostrich3 years ago
ok, if you don't have enough pieces, you could maybe try dunkis' shotgun thingy (what selez. used on his second skorpion) than you don't need to tape the handle thing
I know how you could make it work. Some time ago, for kicks and giggles, I modded my UMP into a model of a custom Carbine-esque weapon. I gave it an intermediate sized magazine and basically wanted to make the weapon look like an assault rifle because I liked the design of the UMP. Because it was a model that I didn't care to make shoot, I kept the charging handle pull back only at the front of the gun and then to get it to lock, I added a sear trigger system.
So, use a yellow connector (or a red if you want it to stick out only one side like the real one, but that wouldn't be as strong) with a rod that goes into the back of the gun and then with a light grey on the end of that. Then make a trigger that catches the light grey (the light grey will create a ramp to push the trigger down but catch the edge of it).

Also, do you think you could mod this to use a green rod magazine instead? You can make it removable like in the picture. Another step in getting it to fire and making it look just a tad better.
dr. richtofen (author)  TheDunkis3 years ago
i don't know if i could do that, i'm way too low on pieces after building this. I only have a small amount of k'nex. if you could do that mech, i'll put the pics in the ible and give you credit for the shooting mech
mooi gemaakt 5* ik heb geabboneerd
dr. richtofen (author)  knexfreakbuilder3 years ago
amazing replica
lijp ding trouwens:)

ps: speel je Black ops??
dr. richtofen (author)  matsermetsuiker3 years ago
thx man! ja ik speel black ops, maar dan op wii (niet lachen, is het enige wat we thuis hebben waar het op kan, computer kan het niet aan)
Lol ik op de ps3. Hoe kom je eigenpijk aan de echte mp-40??
dr. richtofen (author)  matsermetsuiker3 years ago
het is een airsoft mp-40, kom ik aan via deze site:

site gekregen van een vriend
nice... mijn vader vind het jammer genoeg nooooooit goed:( mag niet eens zo'n ding v/d kermis... maar knex wel :)
dr. richtofen (author)  matsermetsuiker3 years ago
lol, ja die kermis dingen falen best hard, kheb zo'n soort ak47 van de kermis, maar die kan ik tegen men hand houden en schieten zonder al te veel te voelen. maarja, tis wel kut voor je dat je der geen mag
Excellent! - 5*
Nice MP40, I might be able to build this if i have enough pieces and at some point when i have some free time off and also not having to do any f*****g college homework assignments which really get on my nerves. I let you know when i have built it. Thanks for posting :)
Know the feeling, are you in England?
dr. richtofen (author)  Zombiekiller-933 years ago
yeah, i have pretty much homework too, but most of it finish in the lessons, or on friday 'cause i have 3 between hours (:0). so i could build this after school at home or in the weekends to finish it. anyway, thanks!
nfk113 years ago
good good good.
dr. richtofen (author)  nfk113 years ago
thanks thanks thanks!
TheRacker3 years ago
Where's the orange tip on your airsoft gun?
dr. richtofen (author)  TheRacker3 years ago
lol, i don't have one. I only use it behind my house, so nobody sees it. my friends don't have one, so i can't realy play the game.
Are you sure the size is big enough?
dr. richtofen (author)  me is assisin3 years ago
yes, only the front sight is not big enough, the rest is pretty much exact
Just Trollin QQ
dr. richtofen (author)  me is assisin3 years ago
ok, lol
~KGB~3 years ago
dr. richtofen (author)  ~KGB~3 years ago
AUG-5OM33 years ago
Nice idd de beste mp40 hier 5*
dr. richtofen (author)  AUG-5OM33 years ago