Knex Mp-40 Intsructions





Introduction: Knex Mp-40 Intsructions

hello! these are the instructions  for my knex mp-40 model
some stats:
- good looks
- doesn't shoot
- charging handle moves
- folding stock
- removable magazines

Step 1: Front Barrel

how to build the front-most part
don't read this, get buildin'!!

!!warning: one black micro-knex rod is required!!

Step 2: Front-body

this part has the mag and charging handle in it

Step 3: Back-body

here are the handle, stock, trigger and back sights

if you've build this, youre almost done

Step 4: The Mag(s)

here you will learn how to build magazines for this gun

Step 5: Building It

w00t building time! most fun part!!

Step 6: Finished!!

you have finished the gun. Now go play with it, hang it on youre wall, mod it or whatever you want.
If you've build it, show me a photo and i'll include it in this step

pic1: mine
pic2: 2000smartkid's



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is zat mp40 behind it airzoft?

Yes. It's a cheap, just about full plastic one.

ik heb deze ooit gebouwt
beste mp40 ever :^3

ive got an mp40 like your "real" one. I dont know who makes it or anything. where did you get yours?

I got mine from a German website a looong time ago. I believe it's made by Umarex.

Awesome work you rock Dr.Richthofen

Came for Vinyl avatar, stayed for Knex. Good job! :3