Knex Mp44/stg-44 Model (non Shooting)




Introduction: Knex Mp44/stg-44 Model (non Shooting)

About: i love making knex guns,my favourite food is pizza.i love scotland cause i live there! PLZ VIEW MY INSTRUCTABLES!!! ...

this is my second model.hope you like it! :)



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    Very good attempt! All it needs is a little work on the mag and stock and it will look like a great STG44! I myself attempted to build a STG44 back in '09. Oh, and try just using a RBG mechanism from the site to make it shoot. Will build if you do. 5 stars. (Posted pic of mine below, broke it into many pieces DX)

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    sorry man i dont play with knex anymore

    It just really bugs me when people post terrible stuff and also talk like a 'chav' as we say in London.

    if is shot it woud be better.

    i have attempted many knex guns that shoot and none of the work

    Try harder. My very first knex gun shot. Albeit a crappy single shot rbg.

    anywayz do u like anything about it?

    it looks great =D

    no prob! i know! =D

    lol i just wanted 2 say that

    lol =D

    u probably dont even know what an stg 44 looks like