this my knex mp5k i sm giving credit to dynno97 because i used his gun body  i have added my own stock and firing system

Step 1: Front Grip

this is the front grip

Step 2: Fake Mag

this is the fake mag

Step 3: The Stock

this is the stock

Step 4: The Handle

this is the handle

Step 5: The Body

this is the body

Step 6: Firing Mechanism& Trigger

this is the firing mechanism & trigger

Step 7: Puttung It Together

Is it full auto? If so 5 stars.
woooooooooah....those blue connector things in front grip are sooooo blue... ahhhhhhh... :)
Hes high.....
Looks good. 5 Stars. Trashed mine though, Full Auto Firing was malfunctioning after I installed a 3 burst switch.
does it shoot
does it shoot????
its very easy to make
&nbsp;not very many pictures and hard to make&nbsp;<br /> <br />
yeah i agree cause i dont worry about the stock alot so i rlly didnt bother with it
The front of the gun is brilliant, but the stock could use a bit of work<br /> <br />
&nbsp;I madez V2 withz Selective firing (PROTOTYPE) Check it outz!
&nbsp;Love it :D 6 STARZ!1! I never got to publishing mine, although Mine had a 2 way switch for Shotgun blast and 1 shot &amp; cock.
looks good!

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